Cool Gifts for Horse Lovers

Fun Gifts for Horse Lovers

Best 10 Gifts for Equestrian Sportsmen If you are looking for a present for an expert or someone who is just beginning to work with a horse, here you will find the best gifts for riders. A few gifts are for those who already have a horse, such as a care set with everything you need or a robust set of corsets. There are other gifts, such as personalised jewellery or horse-related gifts, that also provide contemplative choices for riders of all skill level. Comes with everything you need, making it an excellent option for newcomers. Purchase the Weaver Leather Grooming Kits here.

Heritage Performance Glove is a favourite option for its general convenience and variety.

Made of 100 per cent rayon, this funny horse printed shawl is available in different colours. It' smooth and light design makes it a convenient option for autumn and winters, even on the colder months. The HereBuy E-Clover Horse Shawl can be purchased here. Writer Colin Vogel, vet and horse expert, deals with all the fundamentals of horse care and much more.

The subjects cover everything from the most important day-to-day tasks of horse care to efficient communications and medical emergencies. It is a great way for novices, but also contains useful hints and insights for horse professionals, making it a good present for any horse aficionado. Click here to purchase the Complete Horse Care Manual.

When you have a horse enthusiast in your lifetime, especially one who is enjoying a day's warm drink of tee or espresso, this horse mug is a handy idea for a present. On both sides of the mug there is the classical print with a horse running. The ThisWear Horse Mug can be purchased here.

There are two ponies and a colt in the house. Purchase the Breyer Horse Series Painting Kit here. Made of a mix of cottons and polyesters, this cuddly pullover is a great present for every horse aficionado. You can buy the TeeStars Love Horse Hoody here. Handcrafted horse collar is a great present for every horse enthusiast.

Comes with a horse pendant and a personalised Swarovski birth stone and a personalised starting character. It' also comes in a black present case to make it easy to give away. Purchase the Sigmo Creations Horse collar here. Your horse enthusiast on your register can make room for this small but expressive bill.

is a must-have for any horse-obsessed gal on your roster. Writer Christina Wilsdon will cover all the fundamentals and more, from the different horse races to interesting facts and proposals for the best horse films to see with family. Only for horse crazy girls buy: All you want to know about the horse.

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