Cool Horse Barns

Funny stables

More ideas about stables, horse stables and dream stables. A number of horse owners will install ceiling fans to cool their animals. A cool barn and arena can help you and your horse concentrate on the ride ahead. Comes in many types and sizes of stable fans and can offer every horse its own solution!

Equestrian barns, horse barns and dream barns

A great concept - letterboxes as nut stands. Each side is bevelled for the horse's security. PVC, rider blanket/saddle cushion holder, DIY, except let more room to dry. Made-to-measure Horse pelmet racket. I' ve got a bunch of padding. The drinking fountain becomes part of the landscape design on this horse meadow.

There was always enough clean running cold running cold running cold water. But do you have to get your horse out of the warmth? While this homemade canvas cover may not last forever like Lighthoof ), it could protect your horse from heatstroke. Perhaps it'll keep them from pushing horseboxes.

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