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The lightweight, moisture-transporting fabric provides an airflow that keeps you cool regardless of height. "[H]orsey clothes are NOT cool," Netia Walker wrote to Tatler. Riding pantyhose, breeches, jodhpurs, tops and boots for occasional and experienced riders. Performance Cool-It Gel jodhpurs for Dublin women. You like golf or not, this is a cool place.

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The Derby House is one of the UK's premier riding retailer with a proud heritage of delivering high-quality product, outstanding client support and outstanding value for your money. Derby House is a UK based retailer with a long and proud history. Derby House has grown quickly from a family-run company in the centre of Lancashire into a favorite of the riding community and offers a wide selection of top class riding equipment from the best brand names on the shelves.

Our assortment includes a broad spectrum of top global labels. From beginners to seasoned competitors, we have a choice of horse and horse accessories to meet the needs of every level and every sport. The Derby House private label product was designed by drivers for passengers. We are a highly committed equestrian expert ourselves and use this expertise and expertise to develop the Derby House name.

Not only do we create a collection that is high class, convenient and classy, but also one that is accessible and highly-priced. We have a dedicated service staff of enthusiastic horse and rider lovers. That means when you call us, you get someone who knows the product firsthand, and knows your needs.

Chronicle of the horse

We have all been expecting summers to come and solve the last problems of winters. O the pleasure of breaking down these additional shifts, supplying our horse with hoses instead of running them too high, spending holidays, free time and additional working days in the shed. It' s not hard to get involved in the casual and relaxed ambience of the warm, summery seasons, but often, as riders who undeniably enjoy spending a lot of our precious moments in extremely high temperatures, our clothing choices are not thought through as well as they could be.

Yes, you will perspire, and filth and dung will adhere to you, and flying will whirl ceaselessly around your face, and sometimes you will consider - and respond to - dubious acts like a hose that lets you down to cool down. Even intense hot weather can cause you to undress on purpose.

It' very important to keep in minds that your cool comforts when training your horse, at home or at a show, can make others feel awkward. First, denim is probably the least likely pants option that you can make in sommer. But let's be honest - they are much simpler to clean than trousers, and to clean again.

Sport ( "et al.") bears are not a top. The training of our horse is an excercise. However, just because high schools can get football maids through exercises in their sport bra's, that doesn't mean under any circumstances that it's acceptable to teach your horse in boobs, pants and a sport brassiere. The XXL Miller Lite T-shirt, which they gave away at the petrol filling stations in the washing of their cars, could probably be used better as a rubbing cloth as a riding dress.

Light training pantyhose are not a poor choice, but they tend to deteriorate quickly. There are also many breatheable riding tops that are just as washing machines resistant as any promotion tea made of organic cottons. The work with horse has shown us all that you can't save money. while you' re riding a horse.

Half chest short, half chest short - everything but trousers is not real riding clothes. When I was young, I myself perpetrated this riding fad, and not only did my crackers bled full-length hunting greens on my small perspired feet, but I also suffered bitter bubbles and wounds in places best leave to the imagination, let alone the strange perspiration spots on your seat.

Horseback riding and then exchange your trousers for short trousers. Although the quicksilver can be maximum and you can sense the warmth emanating from your head, don't grab a ball hat instead of your crash helmet. Your head will be in the air. Many, many school hats are made specifically for the summers, with an improved air flow to keep the head cool.

  • Protect against insects: Nothing like annoying bug stings distracts you from the training of your horse. - Fly hoods (for your horse of course!): After all, you are the one that makes us fight hot and harsh environments, so make it as pleasant as possible. Light riding pants and accessoires are very much in demand this year, and Joules always has a wide range of patternsed uppers.

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