Cool Mix Horse Feed

Mix cool horse feed

Offers a naturally balanced energy for horses and ponies with low to medium energy needs. Cool Mix is a special food with easily digestible proteins from lucerne and extra spelt wheat. Developed for horses and ponies for light work. For horses that are rather sharp or sparkling. The Super Cool Mix is a highly specific, concentrated cooling mix designed to provide advanced nutrition for your horse or pony.

Cool Mix - Natural energy balance

Offers a natural balance of power for low to moderate power horse and moderate power horse use.

This food, I think, has worked both in conditioning and in energetic level, now it can work longer with less ghostliness / stupidity.

Cooler Mix

Cool Mix is a special food with easily-digestable proteins from lucerne and additional Spelt wheaten. That' why it's called "Cool-Mix". Cool-Mix is very well suited for all kinds of Ponys, leisure and relaxation horse. It can also be a good choice for jittery riders (also in sport/training).

Cool-Mix contains a high amount of beta-carotene (from lucerne) and many micronised grains (including heat-treated flaked maize, wheaten and barley). Rich in spontaneously produced durum grain, it helps to stimulate the digestive system and has a soothing effect. Because of the lack of an oat, the Cool-Mix is ideal for equine patients who are susceptible to protein or allergy.

Horse Feed Horse Feed - Cool Mixture

Appropriate for hot or sparkling horse. Reduced content of sugars and starches. Contains additional vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as Magnesium. Horseback rides for - 1 lesson, 1-3 x per weeks e.g. chopping, training and contests. Up to 1 hr per day, about 5 rides per weeks, e.g. horse rides participating in pony club and equestrian club activity, and associated beginners contests.

Horse participating in associated higher level competition, which includes three-day eventing, endurance, point-to-point racing, polo.

Cool Banana Mix

The Banana Cool Mix is an oat-free mixture to assist the horse and pony in mild to moderate work. Provides a tasty and enticing food while providing vital nutrients such as nutritional supplements, proteins, minerals and vitamines. The Banana Cool Mix offers the following: Rolled barley, molasses, micronised barley flakes, micronised maize flakes, micronised pea flakes, grass pellets, vitamines & mineral, banana flavour.

Between 450-700 gm per 100 kg horse body mass, according to performance and state.

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