Cool plus Horse Feed

Fresh plus horse feed

The horses became dependent on pasture and hay. It also works well as a treat for my horse when I clean it up for work or let it cool down after work. Purea Enrich Plus Ration Balancing Horse Feed.

CCOOL+ 20kg | Laucke Mills

Starches can be digested in the small bowel in a natural and safe way without excess preparation or thermal treatments by adding amylase to the food. Besides being a very nourishing diets, Cool+ has the capacity to improve the nutrient metabolism of other seeds you may want to feed.

When Cool+ is given 3 kg per diem together with your own cereal, enough amylase is eaten to positively influence the digestive system of the diet. Organical Chrome - More Power! The research has shown positive reactions to the dietary supplement with organochrome, where high levels of exercise and exhausting activities are carried out.

Organically added Cool+ chrome to keep the chrome content during intense activities, which enhances the body's sensibility to isoline, which in turn enhances the horse's ability to use sugar and thus its ability to perform. The Cool+ has been developed in a scientific way to guarantee a reliable and high-efficiency absorption of starches in the small bowel.

Starches in the small bowel are very important to avoid indigestion such as cecalazidosis, which can cause bad fiber metabolism, diarrhea, colic as well as hoof deer. By adding the digesting amylase and a special selection of components with a high level of digestability of natural starches, and by thermal processing, we have achieved a high level of digestability of starchstuffs.

The Cool+ contains high-quality plant oils, which are an outstanding resource for quickly available power. Oils provide cool, secure and controllable power and are a more effective fuel than carbohydrate. It contains about two and a half of the amount more calories than carbohydrate and has an outstanding nutritional equilibrium of pure essentials in the form of oemega-fats.

O-mega fats give a horse's fur an appealing shine, are important for the maintenance of normal skins and are necessary for many organic features. Nourishing sources of nutritional sources of trace amounts to those essentially occurring in the body, of which usually the scarcest is usually those of cholesterol.

As can be seen from the table "Lysine" (below), Cool+ has a much higher content of active ingredients than horse feed. Cool+'s high levels of Lysin and balance proteins ensure effective utilization of proteins, better young horse development, higher dairy yield, better tonus and support muscular regeneration after intense training.

Cultivation for old mates! The Cool+ is the perfect feed for older and difficult to chew. Cool+'s special ingredient formula ensures that the horse does not need to be chewed in order to maintain its full nutritive value.

In order to further improve food consumption, special care has been taken to make Cool+ very tasty. Cool+'s high nutrient content is advantageous for older stallions who cannot keep a normal posture.

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