Cooling Boots for Horses

Refrigerated boots for horses

Ice and Cooling Polo Wraps. Schneiders offers a wide range of cold leg covers for horses from which you can choose. Many of these cold ice horse tendon boots do not use real ice. Finntack Horze Pro Cooling Wrap Therapy Horse Boot One Size Red.

Cooling Horse Leg Wraps Pair of Tacks

Evaluations of these wraps have been good throughout, so I went ahead and ordered. It was something that was quite substantive, unlike a great but not very long lasting gelling. Those wraps contain icecubes and remain very long chill.

VEL-Belts are flexible and long, so that you can wind them firmly if necessary. 1- The belts can get in the way when the cover is put on. Turn each belt back on itself (looped) so that they are out of the way. 2- They are freezing.

Really very chill. I' ve learnt to buckle the second from below to tie it down before I do the others.

You can still have some room for manoeuvre due to the form of the Icecap. It seems very long-lasting and I like how long they remain cool.

what are they?

You are a tournament equestrian, whether you travel for a week or just charge the trailers and go to your show one aweek. Over the last 20 years I have seen items come and go and some that have really helped me and my ride.

So, what I want to discuss is something that's a big mistake when I've been away with a couple of horses and it really cools her feet after work, and I mean right. And again the trouble, no battery, no fridge, no ices, no icy waters..... but to keep 12 feet warm.

I was at BETA, the big horse show in the UK, at the beginning of 2016 and I always get a taste of the innovations department because I am really interested in what's new in the horse sport and what I can buy to help either my horses or myself to become a better horseback.

They' re named aerochil and these humble beautys would forever transform my and my horses' souls! Work by using the principle of evaporation cooling to generate a cooling effect when wound around the hindquarters of your horses, they take the fresh breeze and slide it out and away from your horse bone, eh?

All you need is a pail of this. These boots I purchased almost two years ago, and I use them almost every week-end! This is a compilation of videos today that shows how easy and efficient these boots really are. I' m so amazed by these little boots that I even gave them away for free to some of our ambassador brands.

"The Aerochill boots were excellent for both home use and tournament use, both for my horses after training and for use after the jump! They' so simple to use, I just dip them in a pail of freshly dipped watermelon and let them for 10-15 min, according to their workload!

" Like I said in my contribution, there are some things that have made a big distinction for me or my horses in the more than 20 years I have been horse rider, right now Aerochill is at the top of the world. The only thing I need to think about are the boots, there is always plenty of running cold running pool.

They' also very light, so I can put 6 couples into my cleaning boxes and I don't notice any differences in the overall weights. I' d like to say that when I talk to my physiotherapist and veterinarian recently I found out that putting ices or very cool ingredients directly on the horse's feet is unbelievably poor for them and actually causes fabric damages, just another good thing why I will use nothing else than Aerochill.

So if you are interested in ordering a couple of Aerochill when you write this article, I have about 26 couples more! Get your stallion a set of Aerochill boots by Sunday, June 30, 2017. We will also send the couple used in our videoclip to one of the first 25 clients to buy a new one.

The winners will be selected as always via our website on our website.

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