Correction Bits for Horses

Proofing bits for horses

For high quality horse correction bits, visit Schneiders. These provide corrective pressure on the bars, the chin groove and the poll. Proofing bits for horses - Schneider's Proofing bits are lever tool. The correction bits increase the load on the ingot, jaw grooves and poles and at the same time provide little or no lingual support. Purchase 3 FES, Robart or Billy Royal Bits and get 10% discount!

Horse Westerns correction bits are intended for horses that do not react to reins.

This bits are for workout use only and not for daily use. Proofreading bits from Professional's Choose® FES, Myler, Robart? and Billy Royal® are available. Whilst these bits are intended for serious workout, some of them are very decorated, and we also have ancient bits for horses. Among the ornamental characteristics are the use of brass inlays, nickel silber overlays and accenting.

A high-ported, thin tip is fitted to the west facing correction chisel. On both sides of the connection the mouth piece is articulated. Some correction bits may be decorated, but their aim is to achieve better communications between horses and riders. Schneiders offers various correction bits that are tailored to the respective needs.

Some chisels have been developed for medium or experienced horses, which only exert force when the chisel is in engagement. The chisel with its formed and structured webs exerts a certain amount of stress on the web and roof of the teeth and at the same time offers a certain easement on the lingual surface. A further dentition for experienced horses is a dentition with wire-wound cup rods, which increases oral sensitiveness and saliva flow.

It exerts immediate stress on the mouth and encourages the horses to make their choice. Bits of high-grade steal and cupric are also available for training, performance or temperament of experienced horses, with stress on the mouth and tongues. Myler' sweetener correction drum drill bits have a bent tip and an opening for tongues to relieve and facilitate swollowing. The sweeter flavour promotes saliva flow.

Here you will find light chisels for middle to more experienced horses, incl. a decorated, etched aluminium pattern. Certain behaviours have a" Comfortzone" to award horses when the survey is bent. Featuring spring-loaded low-port correction bits, high-port bits, medium-port with ancient bronce and silvery point detail, and bits with heavier jaws for optimum balancing.

There are also FES workout bits that help to change the horses from a bridle bite. As there are different specs and designs for specific problems, please review the description to find the perfect correction chisel for your particular equine.

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