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The FES Pro correction bit has silver dots and copper rolls. Horse Western correction bits are intended for animals that do not respond to rein aids. Standard Western style correction chisel has a high port and a thin mouthpiece. West SS Copper Bars Correction Training Bit. Large selection of different Western bits and correction bits, suitable for all horses.

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We have great deal and sale price on all of our westerns bits and ancillaries. A wide range of bits in different designs such as cathedrals, med/high ports, correction, gags, hackamors, combinations, mulls, low ports, snaffles, bits and more. We have been supplying our clients with high-quality products such as neck, bits, new and used westernsaddles and accessoires since 1968.

It' will be your number one target for bits include Kathedrale, Med/High Ports, Correction, Go, Haqamore, Combination, Mulls, Low Ports, Snaffles and Bits Aids.

Westerly correction bits

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This is a Western Correction Bit?

Occidental correction bits are known as correction bits because they were developed for those foals that do not follow the reins. It' s a pretty tough piece, and in the hand of someone who doesn't know how it works and doesn't know how to use reins efficiently, it could cause more trouble than it can solve.

It is a west styled piece with a high output, a thin tip and winding of brass wires. Likewise, the mouth piece is divided on both sides of the ports. Exactly not all correction bits have this mouth piece. A few correction bits are very complex. One of the only special features of a correction chisel is that the base, whether square or U-shaped, is hinged on both sides.

It is known as a correction nozzle. It can be very serious in the hand of an unexperienced trainer and should only be used for a brief period by seasoned riders to solve a particular issue. A correction byte with its increased kerb effect and the nutcracking effect of the nozzle will send a very clear, heavy reference to the horseman when a saddle is'hard mouthed'.

Correction bits are not permitted in some fields. Though the shafts of this special correctionbit are quite small, the opening is very high and the nose piece is thin, fold-out and covered with wires, which means that there will be a great deal of movement in the oral cavity. As the high hull relieves the strain on the horses tongues, pull on the rein lifts it, and if the rein is too tight, the hull can touch the horse's jaw.

Again, such bits should only be used by experienced instructors who know the mechanism of the bits, the risk of using such bits and the results they want to attain. This name correction is a little confusing, because without the right skill and expertise, such bits can aggravate rather than fix issues.

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