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A wide selection of top brands, all at the "Country Boy" price. Leather Country Charm headband. No matter if you focus on horses, cattle, wild animals or pets: North Country offers the most comprehensive source for your animal nutrition. The Granby Country Grain offers a wide range of horse feed. The Arizona Feeds Country Store (South Store).

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A better pail is an ergonomically designed food or pail that is ideal for animals such as cows, sheep, horse and other farm animals. Its square shape adapts to the face of your pet and allows for a more naturally balanced diet. Rejuvenating sides lead the food to the back of the pail, making it more easily accessed and reducing the animals' behavioural issues during meals.

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McLaughlin shows us why he decides to use Purina Race Ready to give his ponies. It is a great instrument for equine owner as it can be used on all types of equine regardless of race or disciplines to determine whether the equine is obese, low weight or just right.

Find out what makes Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Sports Medicine Boats so special and why the World Champion Team Roper Patrick Smith only chooses Elite VenTECH shoes. They are rechargeable and wearable vibration shoes for your equine that promote blood flow. The use of your boot before riding can help you to get your horse's feet ready for training.

PLEASE NOTE: 2018-19 Oregon Horse Directories will be shipped to the following destinations in mid-March.

PLEASE NOTE: 2018-19 Oregon Horse Directories will be shipped to the following destinations in mid-March. Companies below may still have a 2017-18 listing available. You can collect this book from the places below throughout Oregon. They are also distributed at many equestrian sport competitions, exhibitions and by horse federations.

We' ll add more sites when 2018-19 folders are shipped, please visit us more often. We' re always looking for new sites for the distribution of our catalog. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you know a shop that should be on our mailing lists or if you have an activity that you would like to share!

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