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We' re a full service harness and tack shop in Wallenstein, Ontario, in the heart of horse and buggy country. All of our staff have experience in riding, competition and horse shows, so you can rely on our knowledge of horse equipment and accessories. Horsewear & Country Pride Horse Accessories | Bullet-Dee's Tack & Veterinary supplies HHalf Baléay bag - The practical today's pocket makes travelling with your horse even simpler. The 600 density pocket is easy to fit in an ordinary half ball of grass inside. The front and back have sealing openings for venting against dampness build-up, and the plain inner liner also protects against the ingress of damp.

Rugged, nylon-coated synthetic bottom keeps its form, the upper zipper makes for simple packing and the two long carrying grips make this case light to hold.


It is our aim - In the service of the equestrian sportsman, amateurs, casual lovers and sport interested parties to minister to all those who often act independent and yet have shared needs and shared value. The EIE offers the possibility to look for races, horse sport, equestrian sport, horse care, holiday, art, lifestyle....and much more.

These responsibilities also include the well-being of horses, rescuing and retiring, taking into account the needs and interests of all horse enthusiasts around the globe.


19 July 2018 Washington, DC: Equity trekking, the Emmy award-winning PBS and worldwide TV show, has a new website with some of the best..... Pequannock, NJ (July 15, 2018) Special news from BreyerFest! 8 May 2018 - MOSCOW, IDAHO - The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) will be hosting the annual Chief Joseph Trail Ride from 23 to 27 July 2018.

Part of the 1,100 miles long historical trails is driven every year, with the whole length of the whole cycle lasting thirteen years. 30 March 2018 - If a horse wins a "Spur Award", would it think that's good? January 8, 2018 Reno, Nevada - Horse lovers in Nevada will soon have a new source of information about what is going on around the state.

Saegbrush Rider is a new monthical that will be published in March 2018. Every edition contains detailed essays, novelties,..... Hi, Horse Travel is a new website where you can find, explore and reserve your ideal riding experiences all over the world, directly from your hosts.

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