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Countdown to our big opening weekend has begun, check out this room for more information. Let your country or state agricultural authority test your hay to determine its protein content. Upon request, we can also supply customer-specific feeds. & K Feeds, LLC.

offers a complete range of animal feeds and supplies products and services. Shaefferstown, or anywhere in Lebanon or Berks Counties, pull over!

Smaragd Green Feeds

dd, dg, eh, fk, g, KA (except ka27 & 28), ky, ml TD, b1 to b16, b21 to b25, b30, b39, pa1 to pa19, p1 to p3. From AB31 to AB38, AB40 to AB56, IV1 to 28, IV30 to 40, IV52 to 54, IV63, KW1 to 14, PA21 to PA38, PA21 to PA38, PA4 to PH41, PH49 to PH50, Northern Ireland.

HS, IV41 to 49, IV51, 55 & 56, KA27 & 28, KW15 to 17, PA20, PA41 to PA49, PA60 to 78, PH42 to 44, ZE, Isle of Man, Channel Islands.

Heritage & Commitment

The first Seminole retailer opened on 24 April 1934 in Ocala, Florida. It was a small and modest place, but the company had big ambitions and an unwavering dedication to provide clients with outstanding services and knowledge in the areas of animal nutrition, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural produce.

During the 1950s, the business expanded quickly as the thoroughbred industrial sector of northern central Florida flourished. In order to satisfy the needs of Marion County's equine farming community, the business constructed a fodder mill and began producing specific fodder in January 1968. At Seminole, our emphasis was on providing our clients with the highest level of product excellence, customer care and services, along with continuous research.

No wonder Seminole is the No. 1 horse of your choosing for Olympia winners, university crews, international champs in every discipline and manager of more than 40,000 equines. Seminole's 75 years of expertise has put its reputation at risk in continuously offering the "World's Best Equine Feed".

< FEEDS, LLC. Richland, PA (877) 634-1485

No matter whether you come from Lebanon, Myerstown, Wolmesdorf, Schaefferstown or somewhere in Lebanon or in the Berks Counties, stop! Purina Mills feeds are designed to provide the nutrients you need at every stage of an animal's lives, and we are proud to be able to provide high value Purina MillsĀ® feeds. Remember we also have Honor Show Chow to help you with the dietary needs of your show animals.

Our pet nutritionists make sure you get the highest level of products, services and consultation to make the most of Honor Show Chow feed! Besides Purina, we also have Croplan Maize and Soya Maize and W-L Alfalfa and Forage First Grayling and Venison from the Whitetail Institute.

In order to safeguard your dog's health and food, we offer Biomax Forage Inoculantien, Buchneri and Forage Guard for the preservation of food and cereals. We have Purina Dog Chow, Pro Plan and excluding Petfood for your animals (visit the PMI website). We have horse worms, horse worm sprays, mosquito sprays, stable linens, horse food containers, horse food and more.

They are always willing to help you select the right food for your pet and can offer nutrition programmes to suit your pet's needs. When you have a milk flock, we have programmes and produce to maximise the return on your farm, with EXT-Nugget and Rallye technology. About five million tonnes of Purina Mills feed are manufactured each year.

Purina investigates all its sterile solutions for optimum results and tailors them to customers' needs in different regions of the world. The Purina Mills support every single item with a warranty: "Purina Mills will either refund your last order or refund your payment."

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