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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had experience with Courbette saddles and what their opinion was. English Courbette saddles and tacks at affordable prices. Items in this category: 6 The COURBETTE was founded in 1976 to provide horse lovers in the United States with easy and affordable transportation of high grade horsepower. Courbette stands for heritage, value, innovation as well as excellence. Many years of traditions and experiences paired with the most up-to-date production techniques contribute to meeting the growing requirements of contemporary horse-sport.

The love of detail is why Courbette has proven that only a genuine belief in authentic value and the desire to be the best will pass the test of the age.

There are also many Courbette finest items.

Courbet saddle

17.5" seats MW boom 16" lids Free Shipping Has some faded on the seats and a spot at the end of a stick that seems to be damaged (see photo) It is cosmetically and has no effect on the solidity of the sorry..... 18 " Courbette vision jumping saddle for sal. It is moderately broad and the saddle is well groomed and in very good state.

Handmade on Courbette's "feather tree" with half-cutting. This saddle has a pleasant "burglary feeling" and is very easy to handle. Fits 16" from the top of the nails to the middle of the cantele. 32 cm wide boom. 17.5" Courbette Alpina. It has a good equilibrium and keeps you in a safe jump or flutter posture.

Supplied with Courbette LEMETEX boom. It has a certain flexibility..... Very comfortable saddle that I have to get off, but it just doesn't match my saddle horse, as you can see on the last pictures. Courbette Aristokrat has a low, supporting seating with a front hatch for the jump.

Here is an interesting find - a classical Courbette Aristokrat show jumper in..... Sizes 17-17.5 with a broad esophagus and was brought in from Germany 7 years ago with an oesophagus of a different name. Courbett-saddle, 17" fit, 32 cm broad boom, Pandur specials. Amber with Courbette leather and iron.

Feather boom, smooth driver's cab. New Courbette Vision saddle. Handmade on Courbette's "feather tree" with half-cutting. The saddle is perfect for use with a dark or dark back. Each saddle fits.....

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