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Horse trailer Craigslist

Anybody here buy a horse trailer on Craigslist? I' d like to hear the Craigslist success stories. Most Craigslist: Horsetrailer - $250 This is another creepy looking movie from Seattle. 1975 White Miley 2 horse trailers. Our intention was to use him as a breeding dog for our haflinger.

Old age isn't known and the wheather is not sure whether he is a stallion or a gelding. What is more, the stallion's breeding potential is not known. This is a fourth class horse for youngsters. A lot of things say about this horse.

I want to buy or buy. There' a girl who wants to change her ring for a horse trailers... I wager there's a good tale somewhere: Selling at 350.00 (or I'd swap for an old 2-horse trailer.) I'd be happy to see you at a jewellery shop to verify it's a genuine one in Lenior City.

Therefore, always ask first to see a horse riding by its owner: Breeding horses in Lenoir Beach is a con. Don't horse or test the horse. His collarbone was broken, as soon as I punched him on the back, he was in the wind. They took him with them 2 nights ago, they got him for free.

You turn it and live to make fast bucks. Send me an e-mail with all the issues I will show you my clavicle and infirmary receipt. Maybe you can help us combine a horse with a secure, caring home.

View a threaded - US HORSE HRAILER WEBSITE...CRAIGSLIST SCAMMERS!!!!!!!! What a great idea!

HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.... CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!! I' m a trailers retailer, trailers depot in Shawnee, OK. Today a client came to me who saw an ad on Craigslist for a tag I was selling month ago. Anyone who is a US HorseTrailer has created a fraud website with no name or telephone number.

On Craigslist I did a quest and they cheated a lot of advertisements (all older advertisements with trailers sold) and put them on Craigslist. I' ve sent them an email in which they have dared to approach me, but I know they won't. If you're looking for Craigslist near you, be careful with these guys.

I' m sure they use advertisements from merchants across the nation to cheat prospective clients. RE: US HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.....CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!! They used to be African con men. When you thought that the cheaters were evil when they kidnapped one of your advertisements, they kidnapped whole web sites wearing an outfit. RE: US HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.....CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!!

Southern Centrale OKSome folks think it's better to just put a water mark on their images so the crooks can easily move on to other destinations. RE: US HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.....CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!! RE: US HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.....CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!! RE: US HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.....CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!! RE: US HORSE PENDANT WEBSITE.....CRAIGSLIST CHEATER!!!!!!!!

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