Craigslist Horse Trailers for Sale in pa

Horse trailer Craigslist for sale in pa

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New Craigslist Fraud with Google Checkout

Some time ago we were warning of a fraud aimed at car buyers on Edmunds. Now, those of you who are considering shopping on Craigslist at any time must soon be cautious. We have a fraud that affects Google Checkout and those who want to make shopping outside the state. And if you get fooled, the fraudster ends up with your ID card with your name and street and your cash, while you get nothing back.

The way this cyber fraud works is that the fraudster has something listed on Craigslist, usually a car like an ATV, a pick-up lorry or a small car like a Nissan Altima or a motorbike. A thing to note is that the fraudster sells the object far below fair value, and will have a history about why he sells it so cheap.

As soon as you have expressed interest, the fraudster will inform you that the car is prepared to be shipped to your home from outside the state. The only thing you have to do is tell the fraudster your name and delivery adress, and then everything will be setup via Google Checkout. When you ask to see the car, the bike, and so on.

the fraudster will say he's already in the warehouse to be shipping so you can't hit him or take a look at it. Sometimes the cheater will say that he is on a bases that is about to be used, so he has to quickly resell or why he can't get together.

The only thing you have to do is to give the information to Google Checkout, and then you have a short time in which you can test the car and make a definite choice. Meanwhile, Google Checkout will keep the funds until you give Google Checkout permission.

This whole thing is a con. As soon as you have invested the funds in Google Checkout, you will no longer see them. Remember that Google Checkout is a legitimate tool, but these fraudsters use a Google Checkout doll to get their pay. Onlinethreads show that this fraud has been going on for over 18 month, in states across the nation, and it's still going on.

Below are a few warnings you should be aware of if you are considering buying an ATV, tractors, motorcycles, cars or any other type of vehicles through Craigslist: When you are in the rental property rental business, make a local sale or refrain from doing so on Craigslist.

The Identity Fraud Study 2016 published by Javelin Strategy & Research found that the overall number of identity fraud victimized in 2016 was 13.

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