Cross Country Horse Jumps for Sale

jumps for sale

Wearable cross-country jumps are ideal for all levels of horse and rider and competition. The Boonoona Designs offers a complete construction and design service for equestrian sports. They can also buy concrete or piles in a DIY store.

Cross-country jumps and equipment

If you put your horse's additions on AutoShip, you can take good charge of your horse, so we take good charge of you with SmartPerks! If you order your horse's additions on AutoShip, you are automatically* entitled to our FREE SmartPerks benefits: At least one custom AutoShip surcharge or SmartPaks for horses must be above $40.

Since you have your horse's additions on AutoShip, you get all the days, every single working days on almost everything we at SmartPak are selling, thanks to your SmartPerks. Most of the additional articles we have can be sent free of charge by synchronizing them with your AutoShip order, sending them on a Barn Saver shipment date, or by providing a group of additional articles with a combined value of more than $75.

Jeump-A-BULL training, show jumping & cross-country equipment

It is our goal to manufacture first-class equestrian equipment that offers maximum value for the price without compromise in terms of product finish and finish and to keep an eye on the security of horse and horseback. As president of a pony club he was entrusted for the first the production of equestrian sport equipment and his architecture and his "know-how" was used "regularly".... his work and his engagement in equestrian sport have proven themselves and are reflected in his work.

Our high quality product is manufactured with our Feie Appleved security buckets and the new Woodshield laminated rods from New Zealand and where possible purchased there. It is not ours that we make your money and our vast product portfolio offers many possibilities.

Horse Jumping Supplier, Rick Patterson, Custom Jump Designer

Rick Patterson leads JARBA Jumps. He constructs all the standard products, accessoires and draws all the tracks with two old sayings he learnt from his father and grandfather. Rick was occupied with this idea of making all jumps in the same way.

Longevity and style are at the forefront of JARBA Jumps. They are all made of pine, trimmed, primed and varnished with a high-quality high-gloss external colour before assembly. Each part is fixed with structural adhesives & fasteners or pins to increase the standard's life.

The JARBA Jumps range of 2-part cross country wearable jumps is suitable for all types of exercise needs. and Rick will be designing and building that need. For Rebecca Farm JARBA Jumps has developed several show jumps sports benchmarks and is always looking forward to the new rebecca farm inventions.

When you have an XC skydiving or XC jumping concept, please get in touch with Rick to see if your dream can come through.

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