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Ski jumps for sale

Sticks - Wings - Pre-made Jumps - Jump Builder and Design Studio - Cups - Cross Country - Pre-made Courses - Course Builder - Accessories - Personalized Jumps. Design and construction of horses in the field. Permanent obstacles and/or portable jumps can be built on site with your materials.

Cross-country horse jumps

Make jumps simply and efficiently with an adaptable cupsystem! A cheap way to reach several hights! Improve your hunting course with these large, multi-purpose tree trunks. Made of high densities Polyethylen, these strains are 24 " in diameters and 65" in length. You can also put two protocols next to each other to fill your 12' jumps.

Also we can deliver key hole rails and turn trunks into a couple of hopping wing. The combination with other skydiving elements results in many possible applications and an infinite diversity of skydiving design. Arrow tip adjustable from 2'9"- 3'3" Tiger Trap - Two 6'' section, 2'6" Hight gun 2'6"-3'3" Please note: pricing and product subject to alteration without prior notification.

The warranty does not cover shipment and applies only to the first buyer. We can, however, make a payment via e-mail that allows you to use American Express for your on-line payment.

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The Boonoona Styles provides a complete equestrian engineering and designing services. Buy one of our skins or create your own. We' re pleased to work with your Equestrian Australia Course Designer. Or, we can provide a complete course designed by Darryl Burgess, an Equestrian Australia certified course designer. Portable equipment can be built on site and supplied anywhere in Australia.

Permanent obstructions and/or wearable jumps can be built on site with your material.

X Portable Country Jumps

With over 30 years of cross-country expertise, willis can ensure that every client can benefit from our handheld cross-country jumps: Wearable cross-country jumps are perfect for all stages of equestrian and competitive riding. We have something for everyone with an almost limitless selection of sizes and designs.

When you don't see what you're looking for or have a particular theme, we can make every cross-country leap. Making Portable Cross Country Jumps more versatile. It can be agitated on damp or porous soils. Installing jumps on different surfaces, i.e. up hill / down d.

Would you like to modify or upgrade a cross-country course for your course? Check out our cross-country handheld diving services. Renting a leap for the date of your competitors is a small part of the new purchase outlay. It is possible to rent 1 or 2 jumps or a whole course.

We' ll take charge of the fencing warehousing and servicing when the contest is over. These are also other areas Willis Bros. offers. Proffesional fencing repairs on race date.

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