Ct Horse Sales

cts Horse sales

The CT Horse Sale- Horse & Tack Auction. You will be sure to click through our menus at the top to get tons of information and see the horses we currently have here at the barn! Receive directions, reports and information for Strain Family Horse Sales and Transportation in Granby, CT. Summary: This Connecticut law states that a public dining place does not sell or offer horse meat without indicating such content of each article in printed form.

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Forty-three Blair is a truly outstanding estate with 12 hectares of privately owned arable land. When you enter the site, you will find reconstructed rock faces and new fences that take up 95% of the area! Walk through the area and see 3 fenced-in switch pitches - 2 of them with stables for the pets, a fully functional and fully equipped and electric kennels with fences for the next "runs", three genuine treasures of pears, an asparagus field and a master barnyard, which includes an extra-large cove, 3 prefabricated boxes and 8 country-stables.

Swordfighting is valued at $40,000 and the house and barn, parking lot and kennels are driven by a $10,000, 20 KW alternator; this is a bona fide horse property, with a separate well for the house and another one to feed the barn. Situated in the midst of this beautiful nature, this stunning house is a classic New England Colonial that was reconstructed from the chairs in 2003.

New sanitary and electric installations throughout the house, new insulations and flawless hard wood flooring and blankets. This rustic eat-in kitchchen has high-grade high-grade steal equipment and new bars with a slot and feather-cover. Situated comfortably on the master suite's master level, it has an en-suite bath room with genuine nealian pinewood flooring and a freestanding bathtub.

There' s so much personality in this estate, and the amount of loving and caring that is put into the nursing is stunning; come and see for yourself what hidden beauties are in Willington, CT!

x- horsemeat ยง 21a-22. Sales of horse flesh in state restaurants

Summary: This Connecticut Act states that a pubic dining place does not provide or sale horseflesh without specifying such content of each article in printed form. Each individual or the company or company representative in charge who fails to comply with any of the provisions of this section will be punished with a fine of no more than $1,000 or a prison sentence of no more than one year or both.

Neither a persons, companies or entities operating a pubic dining place may market or put up for purchase, in whole or in part, foodstuffs containing horse flesh or horse flesh goods without stating this content on every article or after every article on the menus or the menus, printed or written in the same format as the biggest printed or written word used in the designation or description of such foodstuffs.

Each individual or the acting representative of a company or entity in violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be liable to a fine of no more than one thousand U.S. Dollars or imprisonment of no more than one year or both.

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