Custom English Saddle Pads

Individual English saddle pads

Favorite articles for individual saddle pads. Individual horse blankets, sheets, radiators, saddle pads, riding bags, & more! Simply design an individual creation for your horse. Individual, unique English saddle pads and western blankets.

I met a nice customer who fell in love with our saddle pads!

Individual saddle pads and half pads

You can customize the below mentioned Wilker Custom Horse product range and buy them directly from Wilker Custom Horse. Please for all other product visits or contacts please one of our authorized dealers. Wilkers Style 23: Wilkers Style 14BP: Wilkers Style 19BC: Wilker's Style 25WP: Wilker's Style WC: Wilker's Style MBP: Wilker's Style 23: Wilker's Style 19BC:

Wilker's Style WC: All rates are quoted in US Dollars. Wilker's Custom Horse Products 2018 Copyright.

Individual & embroidered English saddle pads

No matter if you need a funny saddle pod that fits your riding styles, or if you are looking for a pod for a saddle with specific requirements, we are here to help you find the right pad.} We offer an individual choice of English saddle pads including personalisation and signatures, individual samples, printings and colours, the possibility to have an individual design made according to your wishes and much more.

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Upholstered Saddle Made in the USA

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Have a look at our range of sales pads.

Manufacture of customized English saddle pads

It'?s our first ever production of the Mini-Pony-Pad. This is the adorable Liszie with her little patriot, who wears the camouflage saddlecloth. Check out the smiles (Lizzie) and the stomach (Patriot). IT'?S THE SEASON!!!!!!!! BEGIN TO ORDER PADS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Texas wears "Glitter and Gold" in universal sizes.

Saddle pads and blankets for horses: Custom, Dressage & More

Equines bear a great deal of back support â literal â and with the general stress that can be caused by the saddle and horseback ride, saddle pads are vital to keep your animal comfortably and safely. A little additional cushioning under the saddle can make the distinction between a healthy condition and an unyielding back wound or grievous grazes for your horseman.

There is a wide range of saddle pads available, among them training pads, therapy pads, general use pads and more in different style, shape and thickness to meet the needs of you and your horses to perfection. A thin saddle pod even helps keep your saddle dry, provides extra damping and protects your horse's back from saddle rubbing when riding.

Select from half pads, quadratic pads and moulded pads for both English and West German styles. Specifically developed therapeutical pads are also available for additional muscular support to support wound healing and prevent injuries. You can use a saddle cloth under one of these saddle pads or personalise the saddle cloth yourself with individual English saddle pads from Mattes with thousands of colour options for edging, fl eece and more.

When your horse's back feels faint from the stress of competitive rides, or you just want a little more support, our pads are perfect for westernsaddles, training, cross-country and more to reduce stress. Should you have any queries or require help in selecting the best saddle cloth and rug for your horse, please do not hesistate to get in touch with one of our competent agents.

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