Custom Equestrian Gifts

Bespoke Equestrian Gifts

Custom ID wristbands, carrier bags, key rings and signs are just the kind of individual horse gifts horse lovers like to receive. Award-winning Custom Sweat Scraper Horse Show. Featured Products - Horse Gifts & Accessories - Other funny gifts for horse lovers; Horse Pattern Custom Fabric.

Store custom Equine stickers for your truck. Customized horse gifts for every rider in your life!

Horse gifts

Brushs that will look good to showcase your stable. If you are thinking of going to a show and setting your best feet forward, these personalised wooden toothbrushes are sure to make an impression on everyone at the entrance. Manufactured from high-quality timber and manually pickled in deep nut tree, these paintbrushes give your horses the final touch.

Here we save your purchasing activities for you - from your mobile telephone, tray or computer.

Customised equestrian products

After a 30-year break with horseback rides, I specialized in 2011 in US equestrianism. Made in Germantown, Tennessee, all our bespoke horses are the ideal gifts for the equestrian world. Exclusively US textile designer, US manufacturer and US supplier are used.

Both the youngest and the most experienced riders will love our classical equestrian range (together with our contemporary Northern Twist). It' s our hopes that it will be your "go to" tack store for personalised equestrian gifts and equestrian wares. My company has expanded with feedbacks from my mates, families and clients and now includes other items such as seat cushions, blankets, legwraps and hoods.

Horsehair Jewelry & Gifts

In the first year, our Foundress has chosen to take orders for her astonishingly lovable and incredibly valuable equestrian ornament! They' re great gifts for yourself and other equestrian enthusiasts and can either be put up on the Christmas trees or shown all year round as a photograph stand with a photograph of you and your favourite animal!

Tailor-made Horse Show Awards | Horse Show Trophies, Ribbons, Awards, Ribbons, Medals

Since the 1930s, we have been at the service of equestrian sport and have the know-how and the choice to guarantee a succesful prize-giving. Our range of equestrian prizes includes equestrian trophies, plaques, placings, medals, tokens, sterling trophies, scarves and riding escutcheons as well as rider numbers, tournament types and ID cards.

From a small backyard show with just a few classrooms to an unconventional riding show lasting several nights with several different shows or sports and classrooms, Hodges can provide you with the highest level of riding honors your horsemen will be proud of.

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