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Tailor-made Horse Bit Maker

The Kelley is recognized as one of the top chisel and spore makers in the USA. Sell or buy, new or used, handmade silver pieces, spurs and buckles. Well-known bit and spore maker from Brock, Texas. Track & Bit Maker Extraordinaire, Joe Spiller, from Wingate, Texas, is a Top Ten Spurmaker.

All are handmade by a single manufacturer from start to finish.

Kelley Bits & Spores

Kerry's blend of function, strength and craftsmanship makes each item truly original. He not only knows the materials and designs, but also the theory behind the bit and how it works. He is experienced in the application of these theory with the help of top coaches. They work together to create the ideal solution.

Handcrafted Bits Spurs Buckles for sale Custom Makers

Excellent of the deceased Jerry Cates of Amarillo. High-grade chisel from the Texas manufacturer Mike Anders with the inscription ANDERS 2017. Jerry Cates Handsome Couple, number 3796. A very collectable couple from one of the best. have spores..... Duplicate my Andre Lewis spores. The spores are used very easily.

Easy-to-use 1/4 mondbit with 7 1/8" cheek and a 5 1/8" frog's jaw inserted with cup. The bit is highlighted..... Eighty-century 92 JD ISRAEL marks colts in good used state, produced by the Wynona based John David Israel,..... Unoccupied essay by Robert and Leo Campbell from Amarillo.

campbell 13805, with 5 1/8" neck finish..... Elaborately carved insert of starlingsilver on 8â San Joaquin cheek and drool stick and the 2â concho..... R.A.G. 22 tagged by the deceased R.A. Glenn from Throckmorton, Tit. Slightly worn KERRY KELLEY bit with flowering 6 7/8" cheek and 5 1/8" lip.......

This is a rarity from the famous manufacturer, the later RM "Bob" Hall of California. Was a creator, a master of something..... Markle from Dennis Markle, a manufacturer of many years. He has 4 15/16" mouths and has 9 1/4" cheek........ Sold a set DEE labeled, Dee Robinson made clasps of very beautiful qualitiy, not used, for 5/8"-straps,.....

AZ Sporenmacher JD Moss makes new handcrafted buckles. Pretty Campbell bridle bit. Garcia Elko Nev California spores mark. The chisel KR was selected in its original state by Kurt Rudelbach. It is a long-standing manufacturer of bit grade and....... Unsupported spores tagged RC and from Oklahoma manufacturer Ray Castleberry.

The couple gets a dark green shine,.....

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