Custom Horse Rugs

Individual horse blankets

Now we have a shop where you can order your Capriole Equestrian Custom Made products. No matter if simple stable name, monogram or complex logo, our embroidery team puts the finishing touches to your horse clothing. Customised equestrian products We are committed to making the end results a wonderful piece you will be proud of for many years to come, from the choice of materials to the choice of finish. Select from a range of colors, materials, trims and pipings to customize your look. Available in various basic colors and a range of trim and pipings to complement your stable or office colors.

Equipped with a genuine front closure and a concealed waist belt. Learn more about our individual ceiling color choices. The premium wool cooler is designed to match the shape of your horse's back. Are you looking for customer-specific radiators? You've come to the right place!

A must-have for the ring is our Premium-Scrim Sheets. Manufactured from close-meshed, light material, this material can be individually adapted to your stable or company colors. Featured are: doubly padded shoulder, a high-quality silver buckle and a waist belt. If you want to set yourself apart from the masses, then choose the sparkling wine of showwear for your horse.

Manufactured from lightweight polyamide knitwear and comes with a high-quality front buckle made of genuine cowhide and a waist belt. Adjust color, edging and trimming. Ideal for cooling your horse after a horseback riding. With high-grade front fastening, concealed lacing and the possibility of a rear cords.

This gorgeous scrim is amazing horse show prices! Tailor-made high collar umbrellas provide head-to-tail shielding. You can choose between shell color, edging and trimming. The scarf comes with a headband, three collar fasteners, a crupper and a crupper. Fill your horse's coat rack with this individual terrycloth radiator. With hook and loop fastener at the front and strengthened dual straps for additional hold.

Apply the desired braid and color to complement the look. This made-to-measure poly-cotton stallion plate is ideal for shows and special occasions and provides a great look and cover. If you want to keep your horse from freezing or keep his fur clear, this rug is a good one.

This sturdy polycotton cloth comes with two front buckle clasps, two diagonal clasps, dart lines for a better fitting and a plush polycotton line. Select your basic color, edging and trimming. Attempt to use a fourth leaf to drive away the cold in the early morning hours or in the cold winters.

The key-hole panels are made of Meltonwolle. Various basic colors are available, which can be accentuated by choosing the color for the decorative strip and the edging. You can also order a non-woven or water tight canvas. Stylish and cosy, our Euro woollen square plate is made of luxury meltoncoat.

In front of the seat it is closed with a hook and loop fastener which can be easily removed during the ride. All our Euro-quarter leaves are supplied with a basic color, edging and ribbon as well as a string. Sizes:: Compact (approx. ceiling sizes 60-66), mid (approx. ceiling sizes 68-75), large (approx. ceiling sizes 78-81), XL (approx. ceiling sizes 82-86).

Since the end of the 19th century in the USA is produced the Bakker blank. Sturdy board is known all over the world for its good looks and longevity. Manufactured from vat-dyed acryl thread, content riders tell of years of contentment with this hard-wearing plate. Decorate your classical carpet with individual decorative and piped colors.

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