Custom Horse Tack

Tailor-made horse tacks

It is our mission to build high quality harnesses at affordable prices. The Crown Leather creates individual stickiness that is of the highest quality and lasts a lifetime. We will make your dreams come true!

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In 2003 we began producing custom horse tacks when we found out that there was no manufacturer who used the best qualities that we wanted at a decent cost or within a decent period of time. At Herman Oak Leather we use all high-grade steal and only real Swarovski crystals.

There' a bunch of "fly by night" tack makers out there. Over the years, however, we have established long-term relations with our clients and vendors. Simply ask one of our clients or find us at the next roundabout.

Custom Tack Crown Leather

Each of our tacks is handcrafted from the ground up using the finest leather, pearls, crystals and hardware available on the markets. All of our products are manufactured from the ground up here in Jupiter, Florida, and all of our custom tacks are fully customisable to meet the tastes of any driver. All Swarovski crystals, leathers, beads and hardware are available in a full range of colours, and ALL our tacks have a lifetime warranty and are made for LAST!

Thanks for purchasing Crown Leather! We look forward to working with you on the development of your dream device!

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IS MADE TO ORDER. TACKS ARE ALL HANDMADE AND TAKE ABOUT 6 WEEK. You can include name and brand in your set. The kits are available together (headpiece/chest collar) on our website. In order to order a unique item, please contact us by e-mail. Kits that are shown with a headband headjoint can also be manufactured in a single-ear headjoint.

Please e-mail us for price information.

Tailor personnalisé, Taillé sur mesure, Taillé à la main, Licols en bronze, Taillé sur mesure, Taillé à cheval en cristal, Taillé à la main.

Handmade on high-quality, US vegetable and vegetable tested leathers. A custom blend horse tack with crystal and handpainted tack is ideal for barrels and other rodeos when you want to attract attention in the stadium. A handpainted, custom horse neck is also ideal for competitions, drilling crews and year-end prizes.

Personalised Custom Bronze Halter make great personalised presents.

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