Custom Leather Horse Halters

Leather custom horse halter

The brown/chrome and black/brass halter are made to order. Combine your seams with your favourite padded holster! The solid brass name tags give your horse's halter a personal touch. The Dress English Halters, Turnout Halters or Sales Halters are handmade here in Lexington KY.

Individually sewn padded holster

Combine your seams with your favourite cushioned corset! Equip your horse with a gorgeous, handmade, upholstered leather holster made right in the centre of the Bluegrass region. It has all the characteristics of our Dress English holster with dual, twin buckled head, tripple sewn nostrils and curled neck with the added advantage of a larynx.

Select either darkbrown or darkbrown leather for the holster colour and then select from a wide range of classy upholstery colours to enhance your horse's good looks. These holsters are made of high-quality US handlebar skins and grated by hands to achieve a beautiful, classy look. The upholstered leather holsters are available in Yearling/Cob, Two-Year Old/Small Horse, Broodmare/Full and Large Broodmare/Warmblood.

The holsters can be constructed either with high-grade high-grade steal fittings or massive bras. Every holster can be provided with a name plate made of nickel or copper. Shown in burgundy leather with rose upholstery leather and massive brasswork. Please note that we do not return leather and engravings.


Every holster is handcrafted in our leather store in the centre of Kentucky Horse County. The holster can be equipped with a one or two-line name tag made of massive yellow metal or chromium. Every panel is hand-attached with cupron studs to create an original and unique look.

Made of 100% high quality US leather and heavier equipment. The halter we make is as functional as it is attractive and one-of-a-kind. The leather halter has massive brasswork fittings, a dual buckled headband and an English skull. Handmade from 100% US leather, darkbrown with oil.

Including a coiled neck with swivelling thumbsnap lock. The black leather holster is equipped with high-grade fittings, a dual buckled head and an English sternum. Seamless made of real US-stersteerhide. Including a coiled neck with swivelling thumbsnap lock. The halter is made in the Kentucky's Horse Country area.

The name badges made of massive nickel-plated steel give your horse's holster a personal note. Every panel is fixed by handmade metal studs. It can be placed inward or outward and is a more secure and dependable option to conventional latches that have been used in other holders. It will take an hours to make each holster from beginning to end.

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