Custom made Saddles

Saddles made to measure

Frecker saddlery saddle according to your specifications. The McDaniel Custom Saddles is a five-generation saddle shop specializing in custom western saddles. The saddle is fully adjustable. Design your own colour design for bicycle saddles online with CUSTOM MADE bike saddles from fi'zi:k, matching your favourite professional team or bike!

Forthcoming saddle slots available:

Being the saddlery business that meets all your needs in the West. While we specialise in making calf saddles in calf styles, we can provide you with a custom calf size seat to suit any riding styles, from simple to demanding, to suit any type of riding equipment (mule or horse). The starting bid is $4,500 for a finished seat.

Tools, sterling and design increase the basic rate. Begin constructing your individual seat today or take a look at our complete range of prices. Protruding seat slots available:

Individual saddle

Nice full QH Bar Dale Chavez nut upholstered to a 15" fit with full silvery points all around. Buying this for my little mom to show my amusement horses. It' the most rideable ride I ever had. Nice Bobs Custom Women Pure Sattel. Not much I know about this rider.

Juvenile or women's rank saddles. The Ralph Shimon Ralph Shimon Slick for saddles in perfect state. Raw leather roller on candles and custom conches. For me it was a special design of the famous saddler. Moderately used 15.5" seats with 8 " Black Custom Rider's Choice G.W Crate Trail saddles for sal.

Handmade, handmade, handmade wooden pole, chocolat brown calf nut calfskate. Made-to-measure creme spiked ray seats and humpback castors.

Comfortably upholstered seating. Beautiful, neat Ranch Cutter nut and suitable drawcollar. It' in pristine shape and prepared to squeaks: 16" fit; 7" esophagus; Custom contos, wound bugle, cut-away petticoat, twin..... I' ve got a P.D. Gilger, Belle Fourche, H.S.D. Custom calf nut in superb state. The 14 " harder fit.

The Ultimate Package ~ Saddlebags

Their saddles are fully adjustable. Instead of choosing from a few saddles already made in the saddlery, you are part of the creation team. We can help you create a unique seat according to your own preference. Pauschen are available in 3 versions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Not all designs are available for all trees. Once we have selected the right arbor for you and your horses, we will help you to select the right knob for your needs. Their saddles can be manufactured with or without a buzzer. The saddles are available in (a) 4 or 5 in. racks (height depends on the tree) and can be (b) plain, (c) Mexican Braid, (d) sewn or (e) Cheyenne caster.

Each Synergist saddle comes with 1/2 in. flexible high-tech rubber padding under the duoe. If you are looking for a little more pillow, you can either attach a fixed (b) sheepskin or (c) extra padded fit, either with an extra 1/4" high technology lather or Supracor patent, which is either coated with a smooth gloveskin or raw buckskin.

The skirts are available in (a) cut back, (b) full or ( ) butterfly type. The mudguards are available in 5 different length, dependent on your crotch seam and are available in 2 versions: Chest collar comes in three versions, (a) English in Biothane, (b) English in Leder and (c) Westerns in Leder.

Western-leather collar can be tied or machined to fit your nut. b ) Perseverance backpacks wear exactly what you need on the trailer, a quick bite, first aids, etc. The Easyboot mount allows you to wear an Easyboot if you are throwing a boot onto the track. Saddlebags are available in either (d) small or (e) large.

It' also really disguises a trailer seat. On the back of the cantele, the (b) Cavalry Pouch is ideal for transporting a few things on the trailer. Leatherman Holder allows you to wear a universal blade and a pair of tongs for everything that appears. Great for driving through brushes or snows, these custom Synergist Tapaderos in genuine leathers look great and are available in 3 finishes.

a) perseverance, (b) small westerns and (c) large westerns. We recommend our Custom Sheet Skins. Handmade from the best wool with 1/4" high-tech suede coated suede to keep the nut in place. Courses are available in English or Westerns.

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