Custom Western Saddles

Western Saddles

Tailor-made saddles are developed for you and your horse and offer maximum comfort for both sides. href= "/blogs/news/double-j-saddlery-featured-in-dorado-mags-yoakum-texas-leather-article">Dorado Magazine's Yo-akum, TX leather feature In the self-styled "leather capital of the world", saddles are still made the old-fashioned way - one after the other. John DeBord, when he marries his mistress Nancy Tucker, one of the founding fathers of Circle Y Saddles, he never thought he would have his own family imperium just a little down the dust.

Handcrafted saddles and bridles.

NOVEL PROPERTY, the same HIGH-QAALITY, but a wider range of products! At the APHA Congress Jon & JJ Carpenter present their APHA Award saddles! A lifelong Western saddler veteran, Ray has been the saddler of the Silver Mesa saddle factory for almost 20 years. Mr. Ray Sr stays loyal to the business and the workmanship and workmanship stays intact.

On your way forward, look for a larger capacity and a wider range of saddles, tacks, wallets, leathers, caps and jewellery. There is a wonderful line of individual bead straps and necklaces as well as a wide range of beltbuckles. There is a range of retailer lines available, as well as a range of saddles for trophies and rewards!

Elite" says it all - the best. Many of the best in the industry have used our saddles. We' re proud of our work and put our hearts and souls into every seat and every item we do. Every seat is manufactured individual and with great love for detail.

I have a really good relationship with my horses.

Elite-heat! Made-to-measure saddles!

Individual Western Saddles - Pete's Custom Saddlery

Pete's Custom Saddlery saddles begin with custom tree covers entirely in fibreglass. Sized and constructed to suit you and your horses, they offer the highest level of convenience for both sides. The entire calfskin in your individual calf is class 1 calfskin that has been tested in the USA and acquired from Wickett & Craig, a leading manufacturer of cattleskin.

These saddles do not use any equipment that could corrode or damaging the grain of the grain, and this involves bolts that are used throughout the entire nut. Every seat that exits Pete's Custom Saddlery I make as if it had been made for my own use, with design that has been arranged by the prospective owners.

Every single item of leathers is manually trimmed and only attached to the nut after the smoothing, chamfering, rubbing and sealing of the edgeband. We choose our training position and styles to best match the use of saddling, trimming, endurance, track cycling, stick flexing or show. Tacking should also be such that it takes into account the race of the saddles being used.

The Tennessee Going Horses, for example, work from the front of the body. They don't want a rig that limits the front shock motion. The Quarter Horses, which can be used for trimming or abseiling, do not want a rig that allows the rider to move continuously on the back of the rider.

Nor should the tackle allow the nut to rest on the back, so that the back of the nut rises from the horse's back during abrupt movements and pull. For showpieces of many breeds - Quarter and Tennessee Nordic and Missouri Fox trotters and Arabians - you need a rig that allows tight communication between riders and riders to work as a team.

Besides all the normal functions you would have expected from a custom fit seat, I have invested countless years in the design and installation of specialized rider gear - some with paresis, some with amputation. Using the specific gear I put on the horse, the rider was able to successfully pursue a showring carrier without the audience noticing the injuries.

The saddles and saddles are all restricted only by the riders' fantasy and their wish to be on the back of a good saddle and the liberty that allows them to do so.

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