Dandy Brush use

Use Dandy Brush

Next, use the dandy brush. This brush's movement is the same as the movement you would use when sweeping a floor. When caring for a horse, I use several different brushes. Used to evenly distribute the finishing spray. The dandy brush is a soft bristle brush suitable for removing dirt, hair and other material whirled up by the curry.

What is the dandy brush used on a horses?

This is dependent on the rigidity of the bristle and the soiling of the horses. After baking the horses in the water, you would use them after using the ridge. When caring for a mare, I use several different types of paint. First one will have very rigid hair. No, I don't use a comber unless the brush is really soiled, so I usually begin with a hard brush.

The brush is used on all parts of the horses except the face (Aside: Do not use a brush on the lower limbs or in the face, but only a rigid brush on the face to eliminate mud). Then, I apply a soft brush, which I use for all horses, also for the face.

Sometimes, when I take care of myself for a show or just feel like it, I use a third, super smooth brush of goats' coat. No matter which brush I use, I always brush in straight lines (not in a circle like a curry) and always in the right area.

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You should never again be paying for an equal one. Thoroughly brush your mare with this fast brush. That dandy is of great qualitiy for the price, but in my life he's too mellow for a dandy brush. At some point in the future, all equestrian gear, whether for the equestrian or the equestrian, may be soiled by sweat or other outside factors.

You can help keep your gear in good condition with a little help and some laundry. The development of a personal care program is essential if you want to have a stable that' s fit, lucky and willing to play on tournament time! This may be the last thing you want to do at the end of a long walk or before the ride, but there are many good reason why you should always follow your routines and make a good practice of caring for your horses every single working day.

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