Dash for Cash Horse for Sale

Cash Horse Dash for sale

It' through Bet the Cash, which is through the great Dash for Cash! sales horses for sale Horse for sale! Get up or bug us. He has the great promise of being a really good horse and a very relaxed, uncomplicated character. He' ist berechtigt für das Colorado Classic Stallion Incentive, BBI (Barrel Breeders Incentive), MG Stallion Incetive, VGBRA, Who's Your Daddy Stallion Incetive beim JJK Race, Glacier Chaser und Cowboy State Stallion Incentive.

Father side: The Midnight Corona SI 101 is a reliable father of Speed, Disposition, Snow Sense and Athletic Ability! Father of 21 AAA with a profit of 329,424 dollars on the racetrack, an average of 372,700 dollars. Easy Jet, an initiate of the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, takes over Easy Smithed.

It feels like he's a really good horse, a pick-up horse and a headed horse. It is very sporty and shows a lot of quickness and dexterity to become a really good horse! The Look Im A Roany (alias Reba) is a 4 year old AQHA filly. Hopefully by train to the autumn and autumn Jackpot and we hope to be able to see them in action.

She is a rather soft and uncomplicated horse that makes it easier for her to be close by. It is very sporty and would make an incredible horse! Dam is a full sibling of Dash to Corona SI 91 pickles (Heidi's horse on which she is riding and running casks and sticks).

Entitled for 5 State Futurity, Cowboy State Stallion Incentive, BBR Stallion Stakes and Glacier Chaser. Sir Side: The KL Limitless is developing into a very well-known running horse herd. He' s at the Great Stoli and has a life gain of $332,237 and is an AQHA race moneylender.

She was a superior racehorse and AQHA Champion 3 years old and AQHA Champion 3 years old Colt. He' s sure that AQHA descendants with revenues of more than $15,000,000 and barrels of racers are in the race with revenues of more than $156,000,000. One of the new up-and-coming mare-running stallions, On A High is an AQHA $4,558 racehorse earning stallion, First Down Dash's progeny, who has produced more than $2.9 million in pay.

A $150,549 earned foal who in 1999 was the best three-year-old California stallion, Dash to Chivato, date $2,951,057.

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