Defender Horse Blanket

Blanket Defender Horse

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Defender 1200D Contour turnout cover horse clothing

I' ve purchased this blanket from your site So I was looking for an inexpensive 300g blanket that was also hard. The blanket fits with 300 gram filling, a 1200D rimstop outside and a 210D innerliner. That blanket is fantastic, I loved it. It' very easy with super-strong hook -and-loop fastener and clip on the front, three abdominal belts (2 crossing and 1 straight) and two thighs.

The blanket is very powerful, it resists kicking, chewing and everything else a horse gets in the outdoors. and it still doesn't have a trace. turquoise. i also have a Weatherbeeta and i would recomend this blanket before every Weatherbeeta. the way you put on the blanket is the way it falls off.

That blanket won't move at all. Not rubbing and the collar is suitable for almost every horse race, from Tennessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, Quarter Horse, to Arabs, it suits all. There are only two things I don't like about this blanket (1), there are no pleats, but instead they have scapulae, and (2) the blanket is a little small in diameter, so I would suggest getting a bigger one for your horse.

Summary: About all this is a blanket that I would definitely buy over and over again, though not to be replaced just to have more. That blanket should last for many more years, it's just so powerful. I had cracks in my weatherbed within the first few weeks, I had them and I have been using them for about 4 month now and they still have no traces of use.

That blanket was a good option to buy. When you are looking for a permanent blanket but don't have the cash to buy something pricey, then this blanket is for you!

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