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Equine definition: from, in relation to or similar to a horse or horse family. Equine. adjective: from, in relation to or similar to a horse. from, in relation to or belonging to the family Equidae, which includes horses, zebras and assemblies. equine meaning: associated with horses, or similar to a horse acting: .

A horse face is a horse face, and no, that's not very nice. Horses are persons associated or connected with horses.

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For years, several hundred hectares of grass in a semi-urban area near Tomball were home to an élite equine ranch where Egyptian Arabs were raised, shown and auctioned to friends from near and far. Taverna sides, galloped across all surfaces with darkbrown pewter blankets and equestrian skylines, are bordered by murals and ephemeras paid tribute to Thomas.

According to the Department of City Development, Milwaukee Urban Stables would bring together church work, horse care and a new home for patrolling. Upon the charges, the Horse Centre would forward its presence records to Anson, who would authorise them for refund. Barnes have radiantly warmed corridors and there is a horsewalker.

In the Chilao School - a former estate of the La Cañada Unified School District, which is deeply embedded in the slopes of the Angeles National Forest - a group of equestrian enthusiasts spend a whole week-end devoting themselves to all things that concern horses. Horseback ride is nothing soothing and enjoyable than to spend a little of your free moment with a four-legged equine being.

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by, in relation to or similar to a horse: a fat, horse-like face. 1770-80; "Your steed wants to go on," she said and observed this side game of the steeds. And he had six of these stallions, each in its own way a gem in the horse's crest. With all his strength he took care of his fellow horsemen, and he pushed them in a similar way.

Like a horselike Auntalus, he was deprived of the liquid he needed. Maybe his happiness was counted to arouse only the laughter of the horses. adj. 1765, from the Roman equal, from the equal "horse", from the PIE roots *ekwo- "horse" (cf. ancient Greeks river horses, Altiric river horses, Old English river horses, Gothic Aihwa-, Sanskrit Açva-, Avestan Aspa-, Old Church Slavic Ehu-, all meanings "horse"). adj. of, related to or typical of a horses.

Edited by Houghton Mifflin Company. Characteristics or resemblance to a horse or related animal such as a donkey. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers.

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