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The Dengie Horse Feeds, Maldon, Essex. Dengie is dedicated to developing the best and healthiest horse feed, because we love your horse just as much. Buy the selection of Dengie Horse Feeds, Supplements & Licks online at Millbry Hill. The Dengie Horse Feed supports local agriculture and obtains many of its ingredients from their region.

DeGie Horse Feeds | The world' s largest producer of fiber-based horse feeds for horses

In the following you will find the most common subjects on which our dieticians get inquiries. In this section we have provided answers to common asked question, proposed appropriate fiber feeds and given some useful advice and tricks. Dengie is dedicated to developing the best and most healthy horse feed, because we like your horse as much as you do!

The Dengie - horse feed

The Hi-Fi LITE is perfect as the exclusive pail food for obese and hoof deer tending horse and pony. The Hi-Fi ORIGINAL is made from lucerne, which is dehydrated at a high temperatur - included in the normal grade - and then mixed with high grade flexible strain to ensure a high fiber ratio.

The Hi-Fi ORIGINAL WITH Apple is made from lucerne which is dehydrated at a high heat - included in the normal grade - and then mixed with high grade flexible Straw to guarantee a high fiber ratio. The Hi-Fi SENIOR is a mixture of minced lucerne and grass that has been dehydrated at high temperatures to preserve its original qualities and guarantee a top class result.

The Dengie Alfa-A Balancer has been developed for working or high nutrient needs of horse and pony, which have to be feeded together with one of the Alfa-A fibre feeds. The Dengie Performance Fibre for fits, sporty horse that are usually choosy and therefore hard to breed.

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The Dengie Horse Feed helps support community agriculture and obtains many of its nutrients from their region. Launched in 1968 as a farmers' cooperative, the business continues the same ethics and keeps its produce as crisp as possible. Studies have shown that there are many ways in which turning away from a high-fibre nutrition can influence the horse, including disease and behavioral issues.

The Dengie has undergone a "fiber revolution" - research in recent years indicates that many illnesses such as hoof deer, colics, stomach sores, developmental orthopedic disease (DOD), horse rhabdomgolysis syndrome (ERS) and polysaccharide myopathy (PSSM) are associated with a high strength diet. The Dengie Horse Feed also supports the use of lucerne and uses local lucerne as the basis for its product portfolio.

The alfalfa is a sustainably cultivated plant that extracts and supplies nutrients N from the surrounding earth, thus decreasing the need for extra fertilizer and supplying the animals in summer. We have a small selection of Dengie Horse Feeds at Whitehorses Equestrian Products, but we are pleased to include your preferred horse food in our assortment.

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