Describe a Horse

To describe a horse

Find sentences and words to describe your horse or pony. The lists of words about horses are sorted by word type to make your work easier. That one' s on horseback. Please describe the horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. Please describe the horse evaluation and the status.

Describing horses in terms of illusion

As part of the Science in Sci-fi, Fact in Fantasy blogseries. Every weekend we deal with one of the scholarly approaches widely used in sci-fi or cultural-historical subjects related to the imagination, with the help of an experienced practitioner. McKenna is a trained biologist and is here to pass on some of her horse knowledge.

She has been on horseback for 20 years and dips her toe into everything from endurance and versatility to nature. She is also an emerging author, although for now she is writing for fun (her two papers are in scientific magazines, not in the realm of fiction). Your favourite games are sci-fi and phantasy.

It is the first of three #FactInFantasy postings she wrote for us to make horse right in our fictions. I' m here to help you as a budding novelist to put more realistic in your use than the horse in the imagination. As far as horse issues are concerned, some of the major indications are related to the horse itself and to the turn.

The horse size is traditionally determined in "hands". If you had a horse one centimeter bigger, they'd be 15 palms, 15. Three and 16 each ( 15. 4 = 16 hands). A horse's hight is determined when the horse is on flat floor from the floor to the top of the ankles.

A horse that is 15 hh (hands) large is thus 5 ft at the Withers. Inside the elevation system there are further rankings of equidae from small horse to horse and many more. Well, a bangs isn't a babe or a young horse. For draught horse, there are no special altitude ratings defined by race rather than body heights.

Likewise, a miniscule horse is a race in itself, although it happens to be the shorter race. Okay, maybe not in 50 colors, but there are many varieties of browns in the horse's fur colors. The whole part of the horse's skin is a colour from brass to bronze with or without marks and without blacks.

The reddish bay or schokoladenbrauner Körper with schwarzer "border" like a Fuchs would have (as a reference). Thus leg, snout, cock, hair and ears are blackened. Available with or without blank marks. It'?s black: Unless otherwise shielded from sunlight, a horse that is wearing blacks in summers is often a deeply tanned darkbrown. Gray: What most would call a gray horse.

Gray because their skins are actually dark, while their bristles are either dark and/or dark. Real whites whose skins are whitish and their bristles are extremely seldom. The horse would have bruises in that case. The typical colour of a horse's eyebrows is either darker or darker.

Are you willing to integrate scientific knowledge into your fictions? Scientists and technologists play lead characters in a variety of different styles - sci-fi, fantastic, thriller, mystical and more. Unfortunately, many representations of technological topics in literary, cinematic and TV works are purely fictional.

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