Diamante Riding hat

Diamond riding cap

Dublin Silver Pro Diamante Riding Hat is now available from Derbyhouse, an official Dublin retailer. The Dublin Airation Arrow Diamante Lite Helmet. Gold-plated Dublin Silver Pro Diamond Riding Cap Among almost all the items on our website is an estimate of shipping times, please review this for a shipping forecast specifically for the product you wish to buy. How much does the shipment cost? The following charges apply for deliveries to the United Kingdom: Deliveries of groceries abroad (including the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and other UK islands) are invoiced at a higher rate and are not free.

Most of our products can be delivered all over the globe, but our price varies. If you are shipping to the USA, you may need to go to the check out page and fill in your full shipping information to receive a quotation (as some shipping companies may require your state to receive a quotation). You can find more information about our products on our page with shipping information.

Gatekeeper's Lodge Chelsea Diamante Riding Cap

Gatehouse Chelsea Diamante Riding Hat has the PAS015 2011 standar. The Gatehouse riding caps are extremely secure and classy to use. Chelsea Diamante Riding Hat gatehouse provides maximal security with a sleek and sleek tread. Gatehouse Chelsea Diamante Riding Hat is light and airy with a quick-drying lining.

Gatehouse Chelsea Diamante Riding Hat's upholstered lining is detachable for use. This Gatehouse riding hat was provided with crystal on the side slits. Please contact us if you have any queries about Gatehouse Chelsea Diamante Riding Hat or any of the Gatehouse Riding Hat ranges.

Information on deliveries

Dublin Silver Pro Diamante Riding Hat has a microfiber velour leather shell with veterinarians at the front for front to back blow. IMPORTANT: We DO NOT allow the return of riding caps for your own security. We have sold brandnew riding caps that have never been used before.

It is strongly recommended to buy a riding cap from a specialist dealer like us. With the purchase of a riding hat from us on the Internet, you declare your agreement to these terms and condi ti on. It is strongly recommended that you have your riding hat installed by a professional installer. Please note that we do not take back riding caps for medical and security purposes.

Deliveries are made at the prices indicated with each order. As a rule, your order will be shipped the next morning. Shipping options: This fee is made to us by our messenger and is invoiced to our clients at the lower than the original costs, we do not make a profit from the shipping costs, we even subsidize them to competing.

We' re always looking for alternatives, but DPD currently offers us the best possible services at the right prices. Because the charges are per order, we encourage our clients to take full benefit and order at the same moment, or to join forces with a friend or a member of the same order and order together on the same order to distribute the shipping outlay.

Cancellation of your order after shipment will be subject to both shipping and pick-up charges. When you are not available, if our supplier tries to ship your order, he will usually try to reship on the next business days, or he will give you a ticket to pick you up at a nearby assembly point.

Should you decline to deliver the goods, you are obliged to bear the additional expenses arising. While we will endeavour to have your order delivered within an HRH, we will contact you by e-mail and SMS when your order is available for pick-up (if a cell phone number is provided).

You will need a current ID document when you pick up your order. This can be a debit or debit slip, a driver's licence, a pass or another ID document with your name. In the event that you are unable to pick up your order and you are unable to send a third person, you must provide us with their name and identification.

Waiting for an e-mail or SMS notifications. When your order is placed over night, we will try to have your order available for pickup by 12 noon the next morning. Orders are held for 28 business hours before we cancel them and refund the initial mode of payments.

Postal code for BFPO numbers in BFG used on Internet-based pages are as follows: Your article can be returned by mail or stored, see below for the various method. Returns an article by post: In the event that you are dissatisfied with the goods you receive, we will reimburse your order if it is returned in a new, resalable state within 21 working days of receiving it.

In the event that we determine that the Products have not been fully resold, we retain the right to reject a non-refundable article or reduce the amount of the reimbursement by at least 10 or 50% of the initial purchase amount, whichever is greater. Instead, you must send your initial order back to us and place a new order for the desired article on our website.

For your own safety, we recommend that you use a 1. grade certified mail or a traced carrier to track your returns during transportation. Possible reimbursements take place after receipt of the commodity, in the orginal state within maximally 30 dagen. Reimbursement will include only the sum of the goods sent, not the shipping costs, unless the article is sent back within 14 working nights after receipt.

If there is no fault on our part, the client is responsible for the shipping charges for the returned goods. All goods with production defects on delivery will be reimbursed or reimbursed, we will pay the shipping charges if we have made a fault or if your article is inoperable.

Returns an article to the store: It is up to you to send your article back to us within 21 working hours if it is in a new, resalable state. Send it back with your documents and our employees can immediately make an immediate replacement for the article in a different color or color or for a totally different article or a refund.

Because our on-line and in-store payments are not connected, we cannot make an immediate reimbursement. Should you wish a reimbursement, please keep the article with us and we will return it to the initial mode of payments within 7 work.

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