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Have a look at our wide range of equestrian facilities - we have a large selection of affordable equestrian sports. Organized by Discount Equestrian Supplies Limited. Homepage | Styalways In our stables we raise and market showponys, as well as picturesque youngsters. Regarding the Poomer pups we have our own pedigree puppy for pedigree of Poomer pups for sales and we are producing 2 or 3 cups per year, all KC register.

Doddington, near March in Cambridgeshire, is home to Styalway's farm and upholstery.

Hays Equestrian Country Travel was founded in 2014 and is an independant retail company specializing in equestrian recreational goods and equestrian check-in articles.

Hays Equestrian County Travel was founded in 2014 and is an independant retail company specializing in equestrian recreational goods and equestrian check-in articles. Heys Equestrian County Recreation understands the increasing need for inexpensive equestrian sports equipment that is not at the price of good value. Its goal is to bring equestrian and rural recreational pursuits closer to a wide variety of people with a variety of providers who shares a common love of affordability.

You are a saddle store that offers cheap equestrian goods and equestrian gear. Take a look at the company's website to see which items you can collect at the fair on 29 May!

Horseworm Systems Equine worm systems cheaper online

Every saddle is at danger of being infected, but the most endangered saddle is under 5 years old, and appropriate worms should be used. Please inspect each worms system thoroughly and refer to the datasheet. When you need a consultation about Horseworm, please call us at 01833 641112.

Being one of the biggest providers of worms, we are able to provide lower price and a wide selection of wares. We can advise you at the Equine Pharmacy in September or October to take you to fall and fall horseworming, which includes tape worm treatment and buried little red worm.

Now you can sort by make or mass and by the cost of the snails. Now Equest Pramox horseworm 700kg tubes and fully licenced for broodmares, pregnancy and nursing mothers. The Equest Wurmer is available as a 700kg pipe. Everyube is designed for 700 kg. Approved also for expectant, breeder and nursing mothers.

The Equest has a uniquely long-lasting two-week effect and will handle a 700 kg heavy animal and has the longest dosage period of any normal horseworm at 13 weekly. Equestrian Equest treats expectant and nursing dams, colts and fillies from four month of pregnancy, but is not recommended for donkeys. The Equimax snail for red worm, boat and worm snails.

The Equimax will last 8-10 week and handle a 700 kg heavy animal. The Eqvalan Duo Wormer is used to control pests (tapeworm) and nematodes (roundworm) or arthropods (bot) in equidae. The Strongid paste for equine treated 600 kg body weight of the equine per Tube. Apply two hoses for band worm therapy, i.e. twice the horse's body weight.

The Strongid is designed for use on expectant and breastfeeding young and old stallions and colts from four week of age. The Noromectin Equine Wormer paste destroys the adults and larvae of the important inner horse' s pests. This includes small red worms that are resistent to benzimidazole-based worms, the large red worm liver arteries, lung worms and bot.

Equidape worm for equine treatment only for tapeworms. 1 tubes of equal tape will hold 600 kg of body weight. Tapeworms can be used to eliminate tapeworms in a uniform dosage in young equine animals from two month of age. The use of equal tape in expectant and nursing females should be recommended by a veterinarian. Horseworm paste from Noropra?

Used for the management of cestodes, nematodes and arthropods caused by adults and unripe worms, lung worms, boots and worms in equidae. Every injection of these worms handles 700 kg body weight. Fitax worm pills for equine use handle all round worms (except encrypted stadiums), worms and boots in equine use, one package handles 800 kg, one pellet per 100 kg.

We have a vial of Vanacur Guard that treats 600 kg of the horse's total height. This horseworm is suited for use with expectant mothers and young colts. Perfect for equines with an unfamiliar wormhole. It treats 600 kg of the horse's physical mass and is suited for expectant dams and colts.

Granules of Panacur slugs. A bag is enough for 300 kg body weight. Relatively speaking, this means that two bags are like a horseworm compound from Vanacur. This granulated snail is blended with food for ease of administration. Handles 600 kg body weight per pipe. Twice the dosage required for equine tapeworm. Sure. During the pasture period the worms last 4-6 week and for the remainder of the year every 6-8 week.

Appropriate for use with expectant and nursing youngsters from four week of age, from the horse chemist. Snail Panacur slurry can be added to the food 1 liter will handle 26 medium sized horse. Deals with most round worms and also murders wormshots, 7.5 ml per 100 kg dose, suited for expectant dams and colts.

Suited for beef, lambs and equid. Horseworm Pasty is indicated for the therapy of equine nematodes or arthropods due to large and small nematodes, lungworm, lungworm, pinworm, ascarid, hairworm, gastrointestinal worm, necrophagus worm and gastric messenger. Every injection treats 600 kg of the horse's body weight. This is the first simple and uncomplicated way to test your stallion for the presence of Tapeworm.

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