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Equestrian Midspirit Discount 07725465352 Public Group Routine care massages are an effective prevention and a great way to keep your horses in top form. A few of the problems my patients have come to me with...are shortsteps, rigidity in motion, not taking a certain line and swellings of the nodules, just to name a few.

An asymmetric foot shape can be another indicator that your horses have an underlying skeletal muscles issue. Horses' weights can influence the growing patterns in the hooves and give us indications of previously undetected issues in the remaining part of the equine system. Overworking or tensioning a particular muscular area may result in general rigidity at first, but if not treated it may result in stress on surrounding muscular tissues, similar to a cascading effect and more severe injury.

In case the muscle does not absorb the correct strength and cannot fully expand, the sinews have to compensate for the deficiency of motion, which leads to sinew injury. Tackling these problems early can help us avoid more serious injury and allow the human organism to regain balance.


We, as horsemen, know the frustration that can often accompany the purchase of a carpet: poor fitting of fixings, penetration of moisture and friction. Our carpets are hoping to solve many of these issues while at the same time keep the prices low. Have a look at our carpet programmes and pay attention to the particularities such as the double adjusting of the soft breast belts, the insertion of a filet cord as well as the legs belts and the soft carpets covered with taffeta to avoid "rain absorption" and abrasion!

Your steed too warm in the carpet? There' s a motion for that.

Improve your performance for a test in horseback. Always wear the matching dresses for dressage: Although you will not be measured by your outfit, it is essential that you show the right look every time you take part in a tournament. First of all, this may be due to the fact that training is a tasty sporting event and competing clothing should imagine this.

Remember that inadequate training clothing may accentuate a certain area (e.g. wobbly hands) or an area the judge wants to see (e.g. your chair or backrest). Tails or Shadbelly's are exclusively carried in the context of class S competitions and are also unsuitable for class I competitions.

Attempt to ensure that your mittens fit your jodhpurs and that you are dressed according to your associations and the standard of the game. Make sure your training ride boot and simple leggings are as long as possible to lengthen your legs in a creative way, especially if your boot is made for training.

Horka and Patey are outstanding manufacturers of caps for training purposes. In the corresponding training classes, jumping caps are necessary and your installed security is very important, but the BSI protective helmets are not actually mandatory in training. However, it is essential that you contact the organizer, as his rules may be stricter than your club records.

Classical, moderately priced jewelry is a perfectly fitting dress for youngsters. The Diamante is stylish, e.g. on belt and headbands, but look at the dressing rules before you spend the time. Coloured cords or yarns are certainly not suitable dress for training and do not lead to a proper outfit.

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