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Horse equipment discount

Many thanks for visiting Green River Discount Tack ! Discounts for the horse world. You horse can safe money | OQHA Discount It is the world's biggest horse breeding and horse association. There are advantages to be had by all, even those who only adore and wish to own a horse. Member of CQHA?

I' m sure it can be fun to know that your horse could be saving you time!

Just show us your complimentary John Deere equipment and get up to 28% off your John Deere equipment. That' s right, think of all the work you can do with a new John Deere compactor. The smaller John Deere 1-2 range of tractors is the ideal solution for clearing stables, hay and forage.

John Deere's 3-4 range of bigger John Deere tractors are ideal for bigger jobs like the maintenance of the stadium and the erection of fences! Any work you can do with a John Deere Valtra is thanked by your husband and wife for their love of the horse and membership of it!

Saving is just a telephone call away.

Driving the company's success is based on the company's reputation for excellence, dedication, quality as well as innovative thinking. Deere has been a reliable equipment and services provider to the horse industries for generation after generation. In order to take this membership discount, you must be a member for at least 30 nights.

When your subscription and programme categories are defined, you will receive rebates on a large number of John Deere devices. From $35 to $2,700 off selected devices. The voucher can be used for any low-cost finance John Deere has to provide. It is available for full-time horse farms, professional horse owners, breeder and trainer.

rebates from the trade. Financed by John Deere at fixed tariffs. The two programmes cannot be used in combination. Please consult your horse representative to get your discount. Exclusion of liability (full-time discount only): Reduction on the manufacturers actual listed selling cost at the moment of selling. Pricing may differ by specification and cannot be used in combination with other John Deere corporate bonuses or low interest rate.

You cannot use the full-time discount program in connection with the cash discount program.

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