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Driving isn't just about performance. Equestrian JPC Model Search & Discounts Equestrian Apparel Products.

Sponsors JPC Horse Model Search & Discounts Equestrian Clothing Products

JPC Corner is pleased to announce that Thequestrian Corner, the horse riding apparel and gear shop, has sponsored a JPC design competition for JPC Aquestrian. In addition, the retail company has recently sold over 130 horse riding wares. BRONXVILLE, NY - The leading web -based resource for high-quality horse gear and riding apparel, Thequestrian Corner recently reported that it is supporting a pattern locator for the 2010 JPC Apparel Catalogue.

This competition is open to all women aged 6 and over and participants must own their own horse. Photographs should contain a facial expression and a riding expression. The winner will receive an apparel for the 2010 catalogue item and the overall value of the award will be $500.

Authors are required to provide JPC Aquestrian with a high-resolution picture that poses in the clothes provided by JPC Aquestrian. jpcquestrian is a premier producer and marketer of some of the industry's most beloved riding apparel and outfits. Equine Couture, Henri de Rivel, Jaipur Polo Company, Himalayan Horse, Carr & Day & Martin, Kentucky Equine Research und viele andere.

"We are very curious to see which of our many clients will appear in the JPCquestrian 2010 catalogue. At JPC Aquestrian we sell as many of our favourite items as clothes, riding gear and tack. As we know, the happy winner will enjoy their $500 bundle of goods, and we can't look forward to seeing our customers' pictures in the JPC Aquestrian 2010 catalogue," said Anne Coyle of Thequestrian Corner.

As well as the model building competition, Thequestrian Corner also announced that Thequestrian Corner had recently dismantled another part of its large inventory of top class riding apparel, British riding tacks and other riding outfit. Several of the leading riding apparel items offered at reduced prices are, among others, the JPC Apparel brands: Equine Couture and Jaipur Polo Company.

The range also includes tacks, seat mats, bridle material, headbands and horse wear from Henri de Rivel, Tuffrider and Equine Couture. "We have reduced over 130 product to 30% with immediate effect. Clients will find great offers for all their favourite labels like Equine Couture, Henri de Rival and Tuffrider, but these offers won't last long.

It is the ideal moment to supply yourself with top-notch riding apparel for men, woman and young horse owners as well as riding apparel and other riding equipment," said Coyle. Over the horse corner: One of the country's leading suppliers of high value riding apparel is Thequestrian Corner. Tuffrider, Equine Couture and The Tailored Sportsman, as well as a wide range of horse gear products that include British Saddles.

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