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You can use the voucher TKCY for a discount on everything else + free shipping! At Troxel we are the world's leading supplier of ASTM / SEI certified riding helmets. Provide low-cost helmets through non-profit organizations, discount coupons. Sale of riding clothes for children - helmets.

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Attempt to find the right one for you by selecting the budget, make or specification that suits your needs. Here you will find high qualitiy horse helmets at an reasonable prices from labels like COPOZZ, moons, WOSAWE, OBAOLAY, LOCLE, perpro, WoSporT, june.

As we know that personalisation is in the detail, we have many different quality certificates such as Ece-R22/05, Dot, Gb and others.

Troxel Fallon Taylor helmets at best discount

Created and inspirited by World Champion Barrel Racer, Fallon Taylor. At Troxel we are the world's leader in ASTM / SEI approved riding helmets. Founded in 1898, Troxel is known for its pioneering designs and research leadership in headwear. Hard faced with a soft-touch face for fast and accurate setting of the helmets. The setting is made by simple tilting of the integral straps.

Progressive magnet closure enables almost fully automated closure and allows the driver to release his driverâ??s ski gear with just one finger and even with gloved helmets!

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No matter if you are a greenie or a schoolmaster, "Safety first" is always my slogan. Since I am a (somewhat over-cautious) mother, I now often use one for lungeing or floor work. Spending so much of my life using a hard hat, it's important to find one that's not only cheap, but light, convenient and doesn't look like a wobble neck in the ideal case.

I was on the shed for a new hat, so I thought I'd split the precious stones I found. These are the top 5 bestselling helmets: These rates and valuations are effective November 10, 2014, but are subject to changes at any moment. What's your favourite make? Driving safely!

When you have been in a riding injury, it is important that you change your hat.

When you have been in a riding injury, it is important that you change your hat. Used in riding helmets, the material is specially formulated to absorb a simple collision. As soon as an collision has taken place, the crash helmet is regarded as endangered and can no longer provide protection in the event of a second collision. Note that the collision does not have to take place while driving.

Drop a crate on top of cement or rigid floor coverings can also cause structural damages, even if there is no apparent exterior deterioration. Olson's toughest advice for your protection is to replace your damaged headgear after every crash. As helmets can be an expensive purchase, the following brands are offering a spare insurance for helmets in the event of a riding anomaly.

Owen likes to substitute any kind of hat that''s in a riding hazard. If you have an emergency hat, you must complete an emergency registration document. The helmets must be sent back to the place of sale after the registration card has been sent. This is the alternative program: Spare policies for all/every harness participating in a riding injury must contain the initial bill, must have been bought within the last 12 month and must contain a description of the injury which has been autographed and dateted by the driver.

You must return the damaged headgear so that a new one can be made out. For each GPA-police, only one compensation per newly bought crash pad is permitted. It is not permitted to replace a damaged or damaged one. Cost of replenishment from 1 January 2016:

The Samshield will change the headgear within 4 years after purchasing at 25% discount on the sales price. You will need the headgear, a note explaining the incident and proof of sale. The KASK company is committed to security and is happy to substitute any type of damaged riding gear with a 20% discount up to 24 month from the date of sale.

Olson's Crash Replacement Form (available from Olson's) must be completed by the holder and the genuine crash replacement form must be returned with the documents. It is One K's firm belief that any harness used in a riding injury should be changed and not used. In order to promote this practise, One Kit will refund your defective headgear up to 3 years after your purchased one at the costs listed below:

Every damaged headgear must be delivered with a slip with the date of initial sale and a written, duly completed document detailing the details of the damage. Phoenix Performance Products (Tipperary) and Phoenix Riding Helmets: The manufacturer must be directly contact to replace the hearing aid.

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