Discount Horse Rugs

Horse blankets discount

Blanket bargain / clearance / sale horse blankets for sale in our clearance sale. Would you like to see all our cheap horse blankets simply and quickly? High quality winter & summer online horse blankets at reduced & sale prices.

You will find the right carpet for your horse! Hoeks has an extensive assortment of carpets in different price ranges and designs.


Rugs, bed linen or cool boxes keep your horse out of the sun, keep it hot, cool or insect-free, according to the horse's mat. They are also conceived in such a way that they remain in place during the severity of the switch, while sturdy ceilings are not watertight and should therefore only be used in the shed.

Bed linen is used to keep your horse both fresh and hot. Clothes often have fashion highlights. A horse radiator or an anti-sweat cloth guides the humidity away from the horse after work to avoid convulsion. There are three different types of horse switch covers - heavy, moderately heavy and lightweight.

There are also no filler turn-out ceilings available. There are horse stall covers in the same class of weights. Select the horse's cover according to the climate, the level of resistance to the effects of the sun and the horse's aging or state. To keep your horse warm, take a look at our range of horse rugs with soft towels to keep it tidy, or mosquito napkins to keep it from pungent beasts.

Equestrian rugs, bed linen or cool boxes from top labels such as Horseware, Weatherbeeta or Kensington are available in various shapes and dimensions.

Training carpets for horses

If it is freezing, your horse may need help riding to stay hot. A training carpet or quadrant bow is ideal for holding your horse's hind leg hot when the horse is warmed up, cooled down or even during an outing when your horse is cliped. Most of our quarters can be fixed over the rider's feet to keep you warmer.

The horse quarters are available in woollen, non-woven or water resistant material and are a precious supplement for the cool winters. Have a look at our quadrant bow guides to find out why to use a quadrant bow and how to dimension it for your horse.

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