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Secondhand A/P Saddle Discounted Horse Tack. Everything I need, for myself, my garden, my pets and horses. A one-stop neighbourhood shop for all your horse and pet food and other products!


Want to be the first to know about new versions, rebates, free articles and more? You are the first to know when articles will be on the market or to get discount goods and more. Show your 4-H membership at the cash register to get 10% discount on the articles you need for 4-H.

The discount is only valid for the articles needed for your pets that are part of 4-H and cannot be used in combination with other discounts or promotions.

Chick's discount saddlery?

So the only trouble I've noticed with them ( and generally any other discount on-line tackle storage ) is that you really have to be cautious about what you get. A few of the things they are selling are superb value and the prize is a theft.....other things are manure value and too expensive.

Only thing you said about me was the westernsaddle for beginners. In general, the seat packs that are so beloved and only fetch 2-3 hundred bucks are a horrible one. You couldn't afford most of those Saddles so I'd put them on a horse I loathed. ⢠Horses:

Well, my first seat was a package tour. It was not made symmetrical and did not match my horse like most QH half bardensaddles do. It' a beautiful seat to look at, but it' s a pain to drive. I use a bearcatching seat that's been given to me now. My suggestion is that you buy a beautiful seat and buy most of the other turning points you need from the Clist.

I' d never buy a seat online. ⢠Horses: I' d never buy a seat online. Just a few years ago a Schabracke was ordered and sent incorrectly (brand and colour/design). ⢠Horses: But I don't think you'll be satisfied with the seat. Many years ago I purchased the British beginners kit.


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