Discount Horse Tack Canada

Horse Transport Canada Discount

Buy inexpensive horse accessories. Tack, we are specialized in high quality saddles and turning points for trail and long distance rides. High-quality English clothing in Victoria, Vancouver Island.

Victoria, BC, Canada

Furry and skinless anky bells, climatrole tendon boot, comfortable padding and different colours of padding are just some of the season products that will be arriving soon. Just got a delivery of full fill jodhpurs with all fixings, incl. Euro fit with silicone handle and highlight detail that will make these jodhpurs stand out.

This includes Schockemohle, Anky, Goode Rider, BR, Spooks, Kingsland, Noble, Pikeur, Ariat and Harcour brand names in a wide range of colours and style. We' re expecting a new delivery of Struck jodhpurs every workday. Since they are all made in Canada, this is a particularly appealing way to spent your moneys.

There is also a new version that offers a full handle fit in three large.... In autumn we are launching the Kadi full-seat and reinforced trousers as well as a wide range of isolated coats and waistcoats. Take a look at the cosy bottoms and the quiet flyscreens and the new colours of the horsedogs.

Here's a glimpse of our Goode Rider case coming in in about a fortnight. During these 2 dates you have the possibility to buy a Helm of the following makes, which we lead to the following discounts: Join our semi-annual sales from 26th to 29th July to take full benefit of our rebates on all articles except Konsignation and Samshield helms (Samshield has stringent sale/discount contracts).

Your favourite trousers from B Vertigo and Horze Equestrian will be delivered every single working days. Full pantyhose and full pantyhose and full crotch pants made of silicon and breatheable elastic are available in a wide range of new colours and the Cassandra Poloshirt..... The EQ3? Trauma Helmets from Void is the next big thing in cerebral protector technologies for the horse racing sector.

One of the most important components of the EQ3 hood style.....

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