Discount Horse Tack for Sale

Horse transporter discount for sale

POSSIBILITY LAST -End of August saddle sale ends tonight. You will also find great offers for quality products in our exclusive and special offers. Another form of merchandising is the tack sale.

SUIN provides great deal and training at the annual Tack Sale - 2 & 3 June

?kagit County - Get some of the best offers for gentle turning points for both horse and horseback! The tack sale and tombola fundraising will benefit Skagit Animals in Need (SAIN) and will take place on the Sedro-Woolley rock and roll site, which will be operational from 2 to 3 June 2018. The Saturday sales times are 8-16 o'clock and the Sunday sales times are 10-22 o'clock.

As part of the tackle sale, a lottery of goods and sevices that have been given by companies and sponsors will be raffled. Lottery products included vouchers, pet grooming service, hand-made quilted blankets, handicrafts, DIY and jewellery. You can buy your ticket at Tack. Dr. Zaccardi of Mount Vernon Veterinary Hospital will be represented with an animal-related training stand during the meeting on June 3, 2018.

Donations are welcome at Mount Vernon Veterinary Hospital from Bradshaw Road in Mount Vernon until the end of the working days on 30 May 2018. At SAIN, we support the prevention of torture through our outdoor, educational, and advocacy programmes, as well as by promoting the care, rehabilitating, and rehabilitating of needy mammals.

It' s season for the sale of Wendehals and an open day at the Maned Stream.

It' all about springs, so clear out your surplus tack, covers, horse gear, equestrian jewellery, moulds or bells and whistles and give them to a good cause. Maned Stream at 83 Old Turnpike, Oldwick, will host a sale on April 7th. Helping to fulfill the organization's mission to enhance the lives of people with bodily, development-related, emotional as well as health problems through a varied programme of horse-assisted activity, therapeutic and education programs.

Sales revenue will run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will go to the Mane Stream horse and horse-supported programmes, such as Take the Reins for veterans and Horse for Healing for those who live with and recover from and return from cancer. Please contact Holland Kochanski at, 908-439-9636 or go to the Mähne Stream website at

From 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on 8 April there will be an open day for Mane Stream, during which guided visits to the complex, visits to the in-house therapy hospital, a view of the stable and caresses for the horse and pony will be offered. Students can talk to qualified practitioners (professional therapist, physiotherapist, voice pathologist) and PATH International Registered Instructors, Campus Directors, voluntary workers and students.

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