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You' ll need a steed, riding gear and a hat. In most riding school you can rent them. Choose the right one for you. When you are a novice, choose a five-year-old or older stallion - they are quieter and quieter. You should have your trousers thrown your legs over the pony when you get in.

Water-proof coats are not good because the sound they make could frighten your cow. Reithandschuhe prevent the rein from sliding from your hand. Proceed gently and from the side - not from behind. And take care of your legs, because it aches when a stepping on you. Always keep a good hold of the rein so that you can check the horses.

Guide the stallion with your right hands from the side on the lefthand side. You should have your elbow in the middle of the cable, folding it in accordon-syle. Don't wind the cable around your wrists, your hands or your bodies, because when the horses take off, you don't want to go with them! Carry the right gear checkout gear up for all detail.

You should always keep a hard hat and strong shoes in the stables and wherever there are animals - not only when riding. Inspect all your things that the nut (leather seat), bridles (part that goes on the back and bridles of the horse) and harness (belt around the stomach of the animal holding the nut) should be attached and strong.

Till you have some riding practice, don't go riding alone. When riding in a group, keep at least one length of horses away from the others. I want you to know the area you're riding in. Drive slow and gently until you and your dog are comfortable with a new path and where items or pets could frighten the race.

Horseback riding big in the saddles is a great sensation. Begin with a leader in a riding complex - it is best to take some classes to acquire the fundamentals. Horseback riding and riding are many different ways, but before you begin, you need to know how to do it:

Place yourself next to the stallion in front of his cock. Take the rein in your right hands and reach for the ground of the horseshed with your lefts. Place your lefthand leg in the lefthand stapes. Grasp the back of the nut with your right-handed thumb.

Jump a little on the right leg and pull simultaneously on the rider's back and hair to help yourself. While letting go of the nut, shake your right leg over the horses and put your right leg in the right handle.

Press both feet against the sides of the saddle and press your hip forward. Once the stallion begins to walk, stop bruising and move your hand a little forward to release the rein. Keep the rein so that you can move the horse's helm in the desired position like a steeringwheel.

Just chill out and enjoy the horse's physicality. Be a horseshoeist! It takes two crews, and each crews gets two pairs of shoe. Let the first gamer throw two shoes - one by one to a bet (bet 1) from behind. Let one of the other team's players for the same bet (bet 1).

The next two gamblers - one from each squad - now play to the other bet (bet 2). Be sure to stay away from the thrower so you don't get hit with a horse shoes! They receive 1 point if the boot is 6 inch or less away from the bet, 2 points if it touches the bet, and 3 points for rotating the bet - a "wrestler".

Equine psycology, that is. There is a great deal of good judgment and care when riding or dealing with them. Forge friendships with your equine and help him to remain quiet. You try holding a palm on that saddle so he knows you're there. Asleep on horseback - without tipping over!

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