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Deals Saddles, Farmington, Missouri. Specialized in high quality used saddles. Free shipping on our extensive range of Western saddles, including show, rope, youth, barrel & and treeless saddles for sale. There is the largest selection of saddlery and saddlery in the four corners.

This Collegiate Saddle Honour Close Contact Saddle is unsurpassed in its craftsmanship.

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Please browse our page on our website to see all our used saddles. The saddles are made in the West, England and Australia. The Courbette saddles are made to order. Have a look at the German section to see the great prizes! Have a look at the images on your personal page! Customer-specific K&S saddles! Take a look at our large range of tailor-made K&S saddlery saddles.

An antique collection of saddles for sal! Some of them are more than 100 years old. Do you need help with saddling adjustment? In search of a new seat, but not sure if it fits? Arrange an equestrian meeting with your equine and the K&S Saddlery staff will make sure that your col. is seated correctly.

Saddlery Sattelset Sattelset Closetact Saddle Set /br>Closetact Saddles

Buying this seat on-line at Chick's Discount Saddlery in 2002 for $200. I' d just got my first steed and needed a trashy one. Well, at first the nut wouldn't collapse. I' d be riding and riding and riding and cleaning it after every trip, but the keys were still as tough as stones.

I' d ordered a mid-size Christmas table, but the table actually came as a mid-size, small one. And when I put my hands on the knob, I could sense the boom moved as if it was broke (probably it was), which eventually made me stop using it.

Sutures on the seat were not very good and the paint on the seat was rubbing off where my legs were after only 4 month use. The seam came off and the beam was very flawed. Conclusion: I still have this seat, except that it only collects dirt in my barns.

It' not an unsightly bike, as you would think with a low-cost bike set, it was just made wrong, which only shows that you get what you are paying for. Don't buy at Chick's; it's not said "Discount" for nothing. I' ve had a new one within four month.

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