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Take a look at our huge selection in the shop or browse online and have your horse equipment delivered directly to your home. "New" products, "Weekly" specials and "Closeouts", which you can only find ONLINE! Use these seven tips when buying Tack online. Many thanks for visiting Green River Discount Tack Online Auctions and Store. Because Harris has customers who are very important to us, it is worrying to hear about their poor online buying and selling experiences.

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Our expert customers are there for you! Please do not hesistate to get in touch with us regarding your order, a horseback riding issue or a specific item. From our state-of-the-art logistic centre in Connecticut, your order will be dispatched within 24hrs. FedEx ships all orders, which ensures fast and dependable deliveries.

We love our work. Simply have a look at one of our more than 4000 client evaluations. If we receive your feedbacks about our product, we work to fulfill your needs.

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If you use one of these, see the full listing of limitations associated with this action. In order to be eligible for a particular action, your order must be placed during the specified action time. Please note that we are not able to grant extra rebates on products ordered before or after the date of a promotions quote.

Likewise, orders that are splitted or sent to several postal address are not permitted. From time to time, free delivery is also possible for certain items. Quotations are displayed on the corresponding detailed pages or on our homepage.

Storm Lake Discounts for Students - The Tack Online

School is a period of never-ending schoolwork, minimum amount of work for a single career, and always bankrupt. They are looking forward to free alms and new frames. Storm Lake based companies enjoy working with Buena Vista University (BVU) to make student purchasing a little more accessible.

The Better Day Cafe is a great place to learn, dine and savour a cup of good-life. Locally, the cafe wants to open up the BVU association to create more student work. You are offering 10% discount on orders from BVU student. Brown's Footwear shop offering BVU athlete discount.

Up to now they have only given rebates to the route and cross-country team as they have turned to Brown's Shoe. Usually, they do not have a discount, but they do stimulate other sportsmen to come in for footwear, as they honour the discount for them as well. Apple is offering BVU daily a 15% discount on all clothes, Vitamine and dietary supplement for BVU student.

Ideal for those who are looking for healthcare and spa treatments to help them keep fit in school. The Pizza Ranch works in close cooperation with the BVU association, helps with fundraising campaigns and offers student reductions. When BVU pupils take their ID to the subway, staff will honour it with a free lunch-scookie.

Sugar Bowl Gift Shop does not have a discount for students, but encourages them to register for their Sweeter Club. All offers and rebates thereafter will be sent to the member's mobile telephone. Collaborating with your neighborhood business is a great way to get the articles you need while you save a little money.

Enquire about rebates in other locations, as most companies are pleased to work with student organizations to build good relations and help.

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