Dog Grooming

canine care

A groomer follows these steps: Toothpaste: dog care: Dogs baths, haircuts, nail care & more All-in-one dog pool Incl. cleansing of ears, glandular print, 15-minute scrubber, fragrant spray & nails care. A full-care dog spa with hairstyle Incl. cleansing, hair-dryer, 15-minute hairbrush, fragrant spray & nails, PLUS-cutting & styling, also according to breed-specific standards. The price for full services depends on the animal's body size, race and length of coat/hair.

Free care advice is always offered before the start of your appointments. Supplement any full-service bathroom or bathroom with hair cut for only $10. Expressservice including blow-drying without cattery drying period. Flea Sanitizer not available in NC; Flea & Ticks currently not available in NY, NJ, NC, IN. Including FURminator underhair remover, naturally occurring hair care products & shampoos, followed by another thorough FURminator paintbrush and alloe hydration care.

These full-range bathroom or bridegroom upgrades start at $20 on the basis of petsize and race. grosses alter life!

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2 full range of services are available: Full servicing: Comprehensive full-service maintenance: We ALWAYS use a qualified, certificated and skilled dog stylist for full grooming as well. Full range laundry: Included in all full-day washing appointments: Laundry is carried out by skilled and seasoned cleaners. Plan a laundry with or without FURminator treatments.

Dates: are reserved according to race and kind of services. During your first stay you should let your dog for about 1 for up to 3 hrs, according to race and fur state. We' d like to get to know your dog so we can develop a rapport with him, take detailed note of his fur, haircuts and behaviour so that we know in advance for further visits.

That means that your dog will usually be allocated to the same dog stylist if possible, but occasionally your dog will be cared for by someone else. When you have a preferred dog stylist, make sure you ask for one when planning your appointment. That means we don't take up several pets at once and come to them if we can and they NEVER get dried in a kennel.

We' ve found that this can help alleviate some of the fears that care experiences can cause in some canines. For us and your dog it is important that you arrive punctually at your meeting and can collect on it. So we can give your dog and the next date unsplit attentiveness.

In case of pressure, please let us know in advance. We' re a beginning to the end of the show, each dog groom looks after one dog at a stretch, so it's very important for us to be on to you. As a rule, we are set up about 3 working nights in advance for dates. Dates on the same date are scarce and we will try to keep a waiting lists during rush hours.

Rates are calculated on the basis of race, average standard size, desired length and coat state. That is the most difficult part of the nursing care sector. For every race we have a general pricelist, which you can see at any moment. Dogs are an artwork. If you have any doubts about your dog's behaviour, please let us know in good advance.

If it becomes aching for the animal, we don't do it. Sometimes we can take our own free moment to work on certain type of algae, but in most cases it' s important to prevent them. When your pets arrive with felted coat that takes more than a few minute to securely clean, you will be billed a minimal of $10 per 15 minute brushing up.

Not unless we agree to clean it out. They are always welcome to come between the bridegrooms for a full service or a self-service wash. Before caring for a felted dog we need a felted discharge sheet. We' re ready to work with hounds who have a hard times with the keepers.

The way we care for these hounds is a good way. Supplementary services/ fees: Benefits that add time and effort to the regular care processes. A bridegroom full of all the scissors work or a dog preparing for an exhibition may cause higher tolls.

FFT is a special cleaning solution for WASH hounds that only need a small cleaning. A Canine stylist will do all the pruning. Depending on how much you need to use, you will be charged an extra amount. When we have to bathe your dog again, a corresponding cost will be charged, as this means extra cleaning work.

The dog is regarded as having been grown over if it has not been cared for within 8/12 months of its last visit. As a rule, the died off haired hairs are packaged in certain places that require extra blowing and/or brushing out. No-show fees may apply for late arrivals. Persistent failure to meet an agreed deadline may lead to the assertion of the no-show fees and any down payment necessary to meet an agreed deadline.

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