Double Horse Harness

Harness for two horses

High quality leather harness is double stitched. There are two horses (leader) in front of the horses in the middle (swing). 250 Double harness, lether . ) ;varplaced = incorrect, $placement = $('.

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In order to familiarise yourself with these parts, you can see in the enlarged display of each harness image where you can see that each part has a corresponding part number. You can also choose from a range of options to customize your harness.

Draught horses and mules: Equine Power harnessing for Farm & Show - Gail Damerow, Alina Rice

Get to know the horsepower! Outstanding for their great stamina, their great temperament, their dedication, their impressing build and their variety, they celebrate a great return. Today, an estimate of 5 to 10 per cent of the 3.5 million American ponies are draughty. No wonder: these mighty creatures can perform an amazing variety of missions.

It is appreciated by many smallholders that they are a cleaner option to today's agricultural machines; a two horse crew can manage several hectares of farmland in one working days, thus enhancing the area. In contrast to mechanic devices, a good crew values the value over the years. Gail Damerow and Alina Rice's Drafts and Mules distill the great traditions of these stunning creatures into a final master.

Developed for new or middle sized breeders, the guide shows how to pick the perfect crew, how to keep them fed and accommodated, how to keep them healthy, how to communicate effectively with the horse, how to correctly pick and use tools and how to use the animal in a wide range of farming, wood and demonstrational work. It is supplemented with colour photographs, countless illustration and profile of people working with draught horse and mule.

It' refreshingly designed to make the information jump off the page and ensure that the product is as much enjoyable as it is worth.

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