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The Dover Saddlery is your source for horse equipment, horse accessories and riding clothes - everything an English rider needs. "We look forward to opening our first store in Virginia," said Stephen L. Day, President and CEO of Dover Saddlery. The Dover Saddlery offers the best selection of English riding apparel, equipment and horse care products. Today's video shows us making horse equipment!

Opening Dover Saddlery store in Chantilly, Va.

The Dover Saddlery Retail, Inc. a fully owned Dover Saddlery (Nasdaq: DOVR) company, today (December 13) reported that the opening of the new Chantilly Virginia Retail Shop will take place from February 2 to 4, 2007. Riders are welcome to attend the big opening party, which begins with a band opening on Friday 2 February at 9 am.

Cincinnati, OH - Kenwood, Ohio

Twenty-three tacks, a great extra! Don't miss your opportunity to buy one of 33 Dover Sattlerei custom Saddles today and get a $250 Dover Saddlery Gift Certificate - this deals ends today - get a new harness, strap, leather, a saddlecloth or even an apparel that matches your new seat when you buy from us in the stores!

While not all pads are available in all shops, retail availabilities may differ. Call your nearest retailer for information on product availabilities or purchase products on-line. Your voucher will be added to your shopping basket as soon as you select one of the appropriate pads for your shopping basket later on. If you are shopping in the shops, the seller will give you a voucher when you buy a suitable seat.

From 31.08.18 onwards, vouchers are suitable for later use. Once the seat is surrendered, the voucher becomes invalid.

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By subscribing to the Dover Saddlery newsletter, you will get the latest Dover Saddlery information, event announcements, special promotions and more directly via e-mail. Grab the look and size you need by ordering the Dover Saddlery Customizing Order booklet for everything from clothing to stable supplies. To personalise your property, Dover Saddlery provides a monogrammed printing process where you can monogramm horse rugs, saddlebags, riding trunks and more.

Benefit from the Dover Saddlery Pony Express quick check-out by logging into a secure bankroll and save a major plastic bill. Try each Dover Saddlery Test Ride Program seat for three full day and then store, trade or give it back. Feel free to view the articles on the Dover Saddlery website, and when you select what you want to buy, enter the amount you want and then click the orange "Add to cart" icon.

Up to 60% off when you buy the latest cutouts from Dover Saddlery. Buy by looking at all your products at once, or by product type, pricing, or make. You will find equestrian clothing such as the Reitsport breeches and the Wellington Collection Show Coat or horse and stall accessories such as a Deluxe Grooming Tote Bag or a cable net.

You' ll even find great value presents like Colorslide leather bracelets, a large neoprene mobile phone holder or a Breyer Stablemates show jump set that' great for the horse freak of your time. Upon his return from participating in the 1972 Olympics, Jim Powers thought drivers in the New England area would appreciate a saddler's store offering high grade stickiness.

It was his ambition to use the wisdom, know-how and skills acquired through his experiences in coaching, horse back and competition with the best horsemen in the equestrian industry to offer a wide range of choices for the best turn for horse and horseman. In 1975 David Powers combined his visions and released a full and thorough catalogue, and Jim and David jointly founded the Dover Saddlery.

Dover, like its rivals American Saddlery and, stocks a wide range of saddles, turning points, stables accessories and horsewear. Dover, however, concentrates entirely on the British events with hunter-jumping and training jumping and bridle equipment, trousers and British equestrian hats, driving boot and chassis as well as horse grooming and stall supplies.

Dover Saddlery agents are all seasoned and skilled horsemen who will help you whatever your needs. They will always be available to both you and your horse to gauge to make sure you feel good with their wares. In Dover you always cut corners with daily low and immediate rates for everything in business.

Our sales are made with the highest standards of craftsmanship, tried and trusted by their own horse and rider, so you can have complete trust in every sale you make. Understanding your concern about your safety when making purchases on-line, Dover Saddlery provides a secure order guarantee that provides 100% coverage for all your cardholder transaction.

You can search the website on by selecting one of the menus at the top of the page that include equestrian wear and garments, equestrian boot and hats, horse grooming and grooming supplies. Every one of them has its own separate categorys below and you can buy by article types, prices, brands and colours in every of them.

Clothing labels like ARIAT, Dover and Eagle Creek, saddles and tacks like Bates, Stubben and Wintec. On the website of Dover Sattlerei you will also find a large choice of gifts for the horse lover in your world. If you need a present for a particular occasion, a birth date or "just for fun", you will find it at

You have many different things like jewellery, Breyer horse, name tags and present coupons. Check out this tutorial to see how to prepare your horse for the race with this easy tutorial on how to brush your horse correctly to make your horse feel comfortable. Upholstery Dover on Facebook: "Like Dover Saddlery on Facebook to follow the latest competitions for Dover's top selling saddlery and keep up with new articles and promotions.

The Dover Saddlery on Twitter: Find out about the latest promotional gifts and new product news by following Dover Saddlery on Twitter. The Dover Saddlery on Pinterest: No matter if you need "riding advice and tips" or "winter clothing " idea, you can find everything and much more on Dover Saddlery's Pinterest page. The Dover Saddlery on Instagram:

Mark #DoverSaddlery on your horse pictures so the horse can show their esteem. YouTube Dover Saddlery: Join the Dover Sattlerei sewer so you don't miss any of the company's latest video. View video's about grooming your horse, stables and accessories, horse clothing and more.

Designed for English Horse Riders, provides a one-stop, easy-to-navigate on-line buying experience like no other. The Dover Saddlery range includes a variety of articles that cover everything you need for the horse and horsewoman, from clothing, hats, boots, horse covers, horse neck, stables and general horsekeeping.

Favorite Dover selling brand names are Ariat, Absorbine, Diamond Wool and Fiebing's. For example, when a customer is looking for a present instead of buying it themselves, Breyer Horse, Present Card, Book and Video are favorite articles to buy. Dover's excellent reputations allow you to buy with trust, as you know that you are getting exactly what you ordered and what you expect.

Ongoing consumer ratings help you be a proficient shopper, and Dover Saddlery provides testimonials and Ongoing evaluations for most of their wares. We have a fixed delivery guideline for articles up to 75 pounds, which is based on the sales prices. Refunds of up to 9 pounds will be acceptable via Dover's Smart Label policies for a surcharge.

For the Dover Saddlery here.

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