Draft Cross Horses for Sale

Draught Cross Horses for sale

We are looking for a black design cross for a pair of matches. Everyone else was thoroughbred! The Pop-A-Top is a five-year-old registered spotted draft cross. Are you looking for the tall and solid guy, but don't you want the draught horse height? The Nevada is a seven-year-old horse cross for sale.

Chipmard 2013 palyomino draft cross-baloon

This is a large, gently crossed colt. He' s got colour, 15.3 gloves made to last forever. I' ve used chips on the farm to put together, collect, burn, all the ranching work you can imagine. Every day he tramples and cultivates gently.

It' good on the hill, on the way or wherever you need to go. He is a Belgian Qtr cross and has a good calm mind.

Macho Man (AKA Macho Man) is a 16hhh, 8 years old, chestnut flax mane and tail Gelding with a lot of chromium!

Macho Man (AKA Macho Man) is a 16hhh, 8 years old, chestnut flax mane and tail Gelding with a lot of chromium! He' s a licensed Pleasure Saddle Horses and has a good Pedigree. He was the smallest of the horses on the ¦ All the others were thoroughbred horses!

I' ve been told by some and Macho Man is the first one I've had the privileges of owning, but he is a gardened draft crosshorses. Constructed like a shell, thick bone, calm spirit with a very slippery, naturally 4-stroke gear! Many crossbreeds are bred, but we always go with a QH crossbreed.

We went this one with a Twoh and man ever managed to make a great horse!â In fact, he was so great that they just couldn't part with him! At last the cost is right and they have an SSH draft cross that they will start and ride trailer, so Macho Man has been superseded by a newer one.

This is good for me and someone else, because someone will have a really good looking young girl who is just starting to bloom, who is bankrupt and willing to go on the proces! Mako Man has been rode in different states and has been on various camping-tours!

It is soft and secure to horseback riding for any novice and is sure to help establish your trust. He' s never in a rush and will run on a free reins as long as you want, or he can move in a naturally 4-stroke gear that is soft as a whisk!

For 2 month Macho Man completed 2 month long trainings for gait, trailer and bomb safety. He' s been rode around agricultural gear, ATVâs, over large loud awnings and has also had rifles fired off his back. Like everything we say about our horses, we have the video to show it, check it out on our website.

Wherever he goes or does, Macho Man isn't creepy. The Macho Man has been subjected to all sorts of wildlife, such as stags or turkeys or other species such as livestock or cattle, and will go wherever he is asked. During his rides in the Kentucky East Hills, he came up against all sorts of obstacles.

It was driven in road transport and is very roadworthy around automobiles, semitrailers, roundwood and dumperers. You' ll always be comfortable with the Macho Man.

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