Draft Harness

drawstring harness

Vessels by and sold by Frontier Equestrian Saddles & Harness. Draught Horse Beta-Biothane Chest Collar Harness for Heavy Duty. The Shanahan show harness is the most innovative and beautiful harness in use today. At draught horse shows and combined driving, horse collars can be seen, but the harness leather is still highly polished and well crafted.

Manufactured in all sizes, from miniature to large format.

Smucker Harness Company Draft Horse Show Harness

These well-made and gorgeous show harnesses are for the draught horses leader who still likes a "leather" show harness. Manufactured with a lot of vinyl and all the hand-sewn holders. The harness comes with a necklace and is usually made of stainless steel. Can also be manufactured with massive bras fittings.

All of our dishes are handmade when ordered. For this reason, prices may differ depending on the height of your horses.

Design of a show harness

This is the most modern and attractive harness in use today. Every detail requires painstaking attention - from the smallest goalkeeper and our track hook to our upholstered outlines. This bridle has a more coach-like look with cushioned tops that can be trimmed to adjust around the ear and cushioned nose straps to provide extra grip without compromising power.

Shaanahan fences are a convenience that no rider should be without. With their unmistakable tread pattern, our Scottch Top are designed to keep their form year after year and not fall back and forth as the horses move. Throughout the harness, hand-sewn holders guarantee a comfortable ride for the rider, permanent power loss, cleanliness of the display and safety for the owner and driver.

Padded buckles, filled tail straps, cardioid droplets and the option of push-in tractors round off the appearance of our harness and increase the riding experience. Second-hand harnesses: Please do not hesitate to ask us for our latest offers or information on delivery of your harness.

to be used on World's Strongest Man

The Draft Horse Pulling Harness has been thoroughly tried and proven and is now in its second year, the World' s Strongest Man Contest's standard harness that allows you to exercise for muscle power, cardio-vascular stamina, lipolysis and just having a good time. Draft Horse Pulling Harness functions: 5' 10" - 7' 0"; over 400 lb. If you are between two different size, we suggest you buy the bigger one, as the harness can be carried loose.

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