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We' ve got parts for the big horses. Wide selection of high-quality draught horse and mule tips. Bits for single horse riding, team riding and riding can be found. There is also a wide range of miniature horse bits and other horse bits for riding and activities with horses. Day Archives: Designs for driving horses.

A 101-600 Heavy Rings - Draught Horse

Increases the horse's body mass to improve its feeling for the horse. It is very simple to grab the horse with your breath. Mullenrelief is used on all our bridle mouths, a forward cam that exerts evenly distributed tension on the rods and reed to remove the nut-cracker effect. This is the most beloved bridle-piece.

Citrus rusting in a natural way to a slight stain. This grate produces a sweeter flavour for the horse, which makes the teeth more tolerable and increases the flow of saliva for a smooth muzzle. Level A bits are ideal for horse start, exercise or maintain constant communication. Add extra body mass to improve the horse's feeling. It is very simple to grab the horse with your breath.

Mullenrelief is used on all our bridle mouths, a forward cam that exerts evenly distributed tension on the rods and reed to remove the nut-cracker effect. This is the most beloved bridle-piece. Citrus rusting in a natural way to a slight stain. It gives the horse a sweeter flavour, making the teeth more tolerable and the saliva flow increases for a smooth jaw.

Low Port Draft Horse Bit Liverpool 235820, Bits, Coronet Bits at TOHTC.com

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Overview of carrier drivingbits

RIDE BITS - AN OVERVIEWABLE BITS are available in a wide range of jaw styles and mouths suitable for any horse, riding style, riding style, riding style, riding style, situation or switch. SettingsLIVERPOOL - The most used of all drive bits. They can be manufactured in a wide range of mouths with either solid or pivoting jaws.

Firm cheek pieces do not allow the cheek pieces to swing and are conceived for use with a horse couple. The nozzle can be pushed up and down with swivelling jaws. It is often preferable to use a movable nozzle, as it tends to keep the lips more attractive. The Liverpool bits are equipped with a kerb necklace and a wide range of reins adjustments for optimum adjustment.

Po?t/Butterfly - Popular stringers can be made with different mouth pieces. This 2-loop model has a restricted reins position for less adjustment than other models. The BUXTON - These bits are reserved for official switches like Gig, Mail or Stanhope Phaeton, Park Drag or coach.

Jowls are bent at the central slit and are connected below the lower slit by a bent bottom rail. Non-removable or swivelling jaws and a wide range of mouth pieces are available. ELBOW or MILITARY - The cheek is at right angles so that a horse cannot grasp the dentition with his mouth or mouth.

The cheeks also prevent the lip from getting trapped and are therefore particularly suitable for couples. It is very similar to Liverpool and is also available in a wide range of mouths. LIVERPOOL HALF-KOOK - A variant of the Liverpool side. This is useful when used with a couple of ponies, as it eliminates the jamming that can result from the effect of the clutch cable.

The WILSON WIREFLE - A ring brush with two swimming circles in the cheeks to attach the cheeks. When the bridles are only fastened to the solid bands, this set of teeth can become very strong as it tends to push the horse's face between the cheeks.

Simplified Joined Snaffe - Works on the reed and rods with a crushing or nut-cracking effect. The rein is directly transmitted to the horse's jaw. It is not possible to increase the compression without the use of a belt drive wheel such as a drawbar. LEFT HANDLE - The small member in this double-jointed nose piece provides a smoother nut-cracker effect than a solo articulated one.

At the same time, the egg-shaped limb exerts tension on the lingual region and reduces the nut-cracking effect. EVEN OR EVEN BARMore force is carried by the reed than by the staff. It can be reversed, on one side it can be slippery and on the other side it can be toothed. There is also a double-sided flat nozzle available.

CONTINUOUS MOUTH - The mouth piece is bent outward to make more room for the mouth. This increases the load on the rods, especially on the outside. Arkh Mouth - The mouth piece is bent upwards, not outwardly as with the Mullen. GLORY-Curveved mouth piece makes this piece a mixture of Mullen and Arch Mouth.

Cu-alloy nozzle stimulates saliva flow for a fast reacting oral cavity. Availible as 2 loop born, 2-slot solid or 2-slot rotating bridle. The CHERRY ROLLER-A Straight mouth has a range of brass or high-grade steal rolls that stimulate the horse to paint the teeth. Horse can't grasp this set of teeth because the wheels just slide away.

PICTURE EIGHT - The rotary dual ring mounting avoids the reed coming over the teeth. NAGBUTT - Prevent your tongues from coming over your teeth. It is located on the back of the neck and holds the reed in place. In principle, there are two kinds of connections that relieve the strain on the latch and those that act on the top of the latch.

Used to alleviate tension on the reed. PORT HIGH MONTH port high month - Allows space for the latch and is also conceived for use on the top of the throat. SEGUNDO offers space for the horse's tongues and adapts to the horse's outlines. The LOW PORT WITH PLAYERS keys promote interest and mouthfeel, especially useful to keep the young horse's jaws wet and the cheeky one.

HANNOVERIAN - A high capacity portal with additional castors is available in articulated or rigid neck finishes. Castors support the game and the jaws, while the foldable opening keeps the horse from sliding his jaw.

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